Commenting On The Controversy

July 15, 1993

A sampling of comments from other newspapers about the Mike Mussina-Cito Gaston controversy stemming from Tuesday's All-Star Game:

Bob Elliott, Toronto Sun

Gaston is Public Enemy No. 1 in Maryland after what Orioles fans looked upon as a slight of their pitcher. . . .

We go to a neutral corner.

"What Orioles fans don't realize is that Cito did them a big favor," said Tigers manager Sparky Anderson. "If Mussina pitches, he wouldn't have been able to start until Saturday or Sunday. Now Johnny Oates can come back with him tomorrow if he wants.

"I knew what I would have done. If he's pitching for a team that's chasing me, I would have pitched him. . . . Cito managed the game fairly."

Anderson would have a hard time convincing the paying customers of that. They were rowdy before the game because of the Jays having seven players on the team. . . .

Be sure it will be awfully loud when the Jays return for the final four games of the 1993 season.

More fuel has been added to the rivalry.

Bob Klapisch, New York Daily News

Even with another AL victory, the booing thundered throughout the ballpark, directed right at Gaston and his army of Jays, who, incredibly, comprised 25 percent of the victorious American League squad.

So Baltimore prepares for Payback Day, and if you think the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is thick with hostility, understand that even the ordinarily diplomatic Cal Ripken admitted he was swallowed up in the ninth inning's passion.

Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle

Gaston . . . is one of those guys who never seems to get it. He took massive criticism this week for bringing -- let's see, was it the entire Blue Jays roster? -- to Baltimore, but that was nothing after the Mussina affair. . . .

It was almost impossible not to pitch Mussina Tuesday night; it would really take some creative thinking to pull that off. But Gaston did.

Ken Daley, Los Angeles Daily News

The Toronto Blue Jays are never exactly welcome [in Baltimore]. But the reception that awaits their next return could border on blood lust.

Gaston managed to win the 64th All-Star Game for the host American League. He also managed to get booed off the field after the final out. Or, at least, he would have had he been foolish enough to step on the field to congratulate his players.

Gordon Edes, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

With rare exceptions, like the time Pete Rose steamrollered catcher Ray Fosse, All-Star games usually generate controversy only before the fact, not after.

But Cito Gaston, who manages the Toronto Blue Jays when he's not managing the American League All-Star team, found a way to cast himself as a villain before and after, at least here in the home of the Orioles.

. . . In case anyone in the ballpark didn't know what was happening, Mike Mussina's warm-ups were shown on the giant scoreboard screen.

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