Shock Trauma!The company mangot fired today.He left...

July 15, 1993|By Mel Tansill

Shock Trauma


The company man

got fired today.

He left behind

a $78,000 salary,

136 unused vacation days,

1 company car and 1 divorce.

When he got fired, he told

his boss, "You can't fire me;

I quit!" He then stood

in the parking lot outside

and screamed obscenities

to his co-workers until dusk.

In 14 weeks, he will be buried

wearing his bronze, 30-year

company service pin. The

obituary will say he died

from "natural causes" --

just like the others.

Rush Hour

(a Haiku journey)


A small pothole hears

the unspoken banal bark

of lives worn like tires.

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