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July 15, 1993

Two honored for accident assistance

Sykesville Mayor Kenneth W. Clark has awarded certificates of appreciation to two residents who helped with rescue and cleanup efforts following a fatal accident July 1.

George and Allen Gillis "pitched right in immediately," the mayor said. "This accident could have been a lot worse if not for the quick response of our police chief and residents."

George Gillis witnessed the accident during which a car struck a fuel tanker on Route 32 near Sandosky Road. The truck spilled about 1,800 gallons of fuel into the road.

Mr. Gillis alerted his father, who owns a nearby service station. Both men helped direct traffic around the spill until state police closed the road.

"We both did the best we could," said Allen Gillis. "We were really more worried about Mitch's [Police Chief Wallace Mitchell] welfare. He had an awful time keeping traffic under control."

Allen Gillis said he and his son, George, were "surprised and pleased," when Chief Mitchell presented them with certificates Tuesday.

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