East Columbia

July 15, 1993


* Kings Contrivance: 9700 block of Softwater Way: A wallet was stolen from the glove compartment of a blue Toyota Corolla early Monday morning.

9800 block of Rainleaf Court: A briefcase was stolen from a gray Honda Accord late Sunday or early Monday. The driver side vent window was broken during the theft.

9800 block of Rainleaf Court: A $120 radar detector, ashtray and odd change were stolen from a red Mitsubishi late Sunday or early Monday.

9400 block of Clock Tower Lane: A $100 car phone and $50 in cassette tapes were stolen from a white Honda Accord late Sunday or early Monday.

9800 block of Softwater Way: The driver-side vent window of a beige Honda Accord was broken, and someone attempted to steal a car radio between Sunday night and Monday morning.

* Owen Brown: 8900 block of McGaw Court: Someone pried open a passenger door lock of a red Pontiac and stole a cassette radio and two speakers between Monday and Tuesday at noon. The stolen property was valued at $374.

11000 block of Broken Land Parkway: The windshield of a maroon Mercedes 380 was smashed while it was parked in a garage between Friday and Sunday.

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