Seat in the sky: Blimps have a bird's-eye view

July 14, 1993|By Shanon D. Murray | Shanon D. Murray,Staff Writer

Two blimps floated far above the All-Star Game last night at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and pilots positioned the airships so that cameras inside them could provide television watchers with panoramic views of the event.

The blimps also serve as flying billboards, but maybe their best feature is that they make people feel good.

"Blimps are a touchy-feely sort of thing. They make people happy, especially children," said Beth Swanson, spokeswoman for the Family Channel Airship Tour. The blimp advertising the cable television channel is 132 feet long, white with red tails, and bears the station's logo.

The Family Channel Airship was almost dwarfed by the 194-foot-long Bud One Airship, "aerial ambassador" for Anheuser-Busch Inc. Bud One travels to sporting events across the nation, including the Super Bowl and the Kentucky Derby.

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