Resurgam exhibition reflects accomplishment

July 14, 1993|By John Dorsey | John Dorsey,Art Critic

The South Baltimore cooperative gallery Resurgam usually shows its members' work, of course -- that's what a cooperative gallery is all about -- but it has just mounted its first annual open exhibition (open, that is, for a change only to people who are not members of the co-op). It invited as juror Joan Erbe, a veteran Baltimore painter whose work was seen to advantage recently at Nye Gomez Gallery, and she has selected well to come up with a show of almost four dozen works in various media that have in common their creators' skill at the disciplines they have chosen.

That's not quite as obvious a statement as it might seem. I have seen some juried shows and wondered, "How on earth could the person who picked that also have picked that?" But that's not the case here; whether it's Chris McEvoy's sterling silver jewelry or Craig Hankin's painting "Portrait of IRH" or Sam Yaffe's photograph "Railroad Track Detail," we're dealing with solid accomplishment.

There are standouts, however, among them Andrea Burchette; her big drawings of birds close up have been seen before in this area, but they continue to satisfy. Burchette's touch is sure, her use of pastel and charcoal delight the eye with the way she creates light and texture, and she manages to suggest at once both the menace and the vulnerability of her subjects.

Yaffe's photographs are also extreme close-ups, which is not a particularly original idea but he carries it off. "Railroad Track Detail" becomes an abstract composition with counterplays of dark and light, warm and cool. "Tropical Plant Detail" possesses a combination of flowing grace and a vaguely sinister quality.

The "Bath" in Deborah Souders' "Bath and Bass" refers to Roman architecture in Bath, England. The fish right in the middle of Souders' landscape with architecture may be incongruous, but this artist paints wonderfully, so that her surfaces give sensual pleasure.

In "Pen and Ink," Edda Jakab's image is neither as precisely delineated nor as full of objects as some of this artist's other still lifes, and because of those changes it has more staying power. One notices less the tour de force depiction of objects and more the creative tension in this work, so it communicates with great

er complexity.

Of Jeanmarie Cost's two photographs here, "Untitled II" particularly pleases; this picture of objects on a wall and a white cup in the foreground impresses with the delicate way its light caresses these objects; the mundane becomes strangely, almost surrealistically, significant, as if these objects mean something to you that you can't figure out.

Jon Eikenberg, Janet Mathias, Lois Borgenicht and Jennifer Merriman are among the others who contribute interesting works.


What: Open Exhibition

Where: Resurgam Gallery, 910 S. Charles St.

When: Noon to 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays, through July 24

Call: (410) 962-0513

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