Martin, Sega reach agreement on use of technology in game

July 13, 1993|By Dow Jones News Service

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Martin Marietta Corp. and Sega Enterprises Ltd. have reached an agreement for the use of Martin Marietta's simulation technology in the development of a Sega multiplayer electronic game.

In a news release, Martin Marietta said the new contract provides for specific application of its real-time phototexture simulation technology to Sega's electronic games and potentially other entertainment products. The technology provides the ability to produce continuous, lifelike imagery drawn from real-world photographic sources.

Sega also will adopt a Martin Marietta visual data base generation system as an integral part of its gameware development. The system was designed to rapidly model large areas of actual terrain and create realistic three-dimensional moving models.

The contract follows a joint-development, technology-transfer program launched in 1992 between Sega, based in Tokyo, and GE Aerospace in Daytona Beach. Martin Marietta combined its businesses with those of GE Aerospace in April.

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