Introducing a child to 'the big school'

July 12, 1993|By Barbara F. Meltz

Here are some tips to make the first days of kindergarten easier for your child:

* If your child doesn't want to visit the playground, don't insist, but offer the opportunity at a later date. When you do go, go when there aren't a lot of other kids there.

* If an older child is going to talk about school to your child, act as an interpreter. Comments like, "If you don't behave, you get sent to the principal," could be scary.

* Some books to read with your kindergartner-to-be: "Will I Have a Friend?" by Miriam Cohen (MacMillan); "Starting School," by Althea (Dinosaur Publications); "When You Go to Kindergarten," by James Howe (Knopf); "The Berenstain Bears Go to School," Stan and Jan Berenstain (Random House).

* Over the summer, help your child be more independent by making sure he picks up after himself and dresses himself. Having him routinely perform a household chore will make him feel more capable and grown-up.

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