Light air, sun drains West River sailors


July 11, 1993|By NANCY NOYES

It was a sweltering weekend for the fleet of 57 who took part in the West River Sailing Club's annual Race to Galesville last Saturday and round-the-buoys Summer Regatta the next day.

Light air, bright sun and high temperatures left the sailors drained at days' ends, and made competition even more difficult, particularly on Sunday when the breeze turned non-existent while an adverse current pulled the boats back toward the starting line.

Winning both days in the Catalina 27 class was Derick Lynch with his crew aboard Swell, thanks to persistence and good boat handling.

"It was hot," Lynch said. "The wind did fill in on Saturday and the breeze maintained, even though there wasn't a lot of it."

Lynch said his strategy was to stay close to a wind line along the Western Shore as the boats headed south from Annapolis.

"We were in second place behind Gusto," he said. "We got ahead at the first mark, but he squeezed by us again, and we were in second behind him the rest of the race until on the very last leg we got by Gusto about a half a mile from the finish going into the West River."

Sunday was close to miserable, however, particularly as the wind died after the starts of the PHRF A-1 and A-2 classes, who were able to complete a triangle-windward-leeward of 6.4 miles that day, while the rest of the sailors got sauteed by the sun over a mere 3.8-mile triangular version.

"After the first hour we had maybe gone 200 yards made good toward the mark," Lynch said, describing sailing with the fleet on one tack for half an hour, then coming back the other way, only to find that the current had drawn the boats back very close to the starting line.

"Then the wind filled in from the east, and we got moving again," he said. "It was a very slow triangle, but we maintained first place the whole way."


Galesville Summer Regatta

Multihull (10 entries): 1. The Karis, Michael Ivy, Arlington, Va., 2.75 (2-1); 2. Lady Di, Charles Jubb, Crownsville, 6 (4-2); 3. Les Ailes, Andrew Power, Annapolis, 11.75 (1-DNC).

PHRF Nonspinnaker (2 entries): 1. Bluejay, John Coyle, Alexandria, Va., 3.75 (1-DNF).

PHRF A-1 (8 entries): 1. Sundog, Paul Parks, Shady Side, 3.75 (3-1); 2. Yellow Jacket, BS&W Syndicate, Annapolis, 3.75 (1-3); 3. Cheers, Tim Bowen, Bowie, 6 (4-2).

PHRF A-2 (11 entries): 1. Neato-Torpedo, Thomas French, Olney, 2.75 (1-2); 2. White Lie, Glenn Robbins, Severna Park, 3.75 (3-1); 3. Think Fast, Albert Holt, Annapolis, 5 (2-3).

PHRF B (9 entries): 1. Yellow Bird, Richard Heintz, Harwood, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Irresponsible, Joe Matera, Kensington, 5 (3-2); 3. Teaser II, Steven von Christierson, Arlington, Va., 7 (4-3).

PHRF C (3 entries): 1. Dauntless, Dennis Lojek, Churchton, 1.5 (1-1).

Alberg 30 (4 entries): 1. Incredible, Karl Gerhard, Crofton, 5.75 (1-DNF); 2. Tern Two, Susan Barrett, Annapolis, 7 (2-DNF).

Catalina 27 (6 entries): 1. Swell, Derick Lynch, Arnold, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Gusto, John Potvin, Annapolis, 4 (2-2); 3. Finnegan's Wake, John O'Brien, Pasadena, 7 (4-3).

Triton (6 entries): 1. Overdraft, David Hoyt, Glen Burnie, 7.75 (1-DNC); 2. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon, Chevy Chase, 9 (2-DNF); 3. Pylasteki, Leb Brown, Silver Spring, 10 (3-DNF).

AYC Wednesday Night Series

(First Half Provisional Series Results)

IMS 1 (11 entries): 1. Yellow Jacket, BS&W Synd., Annapolis, FTC 44.25; 2. Bucentaur, Stunda/Neville, Annapolis, 60.75; 3. Quintessence, B. Michaelson, Annapolis, 65.

IMS 2 (11 entries): 1. Uh Oh, C.R. Smith, Annapolis, 59.5; 2. [TIE] Hilite, L. Eastman, Annapolis, 60.75; and Contraire, Schaub/Wells/Mehalic, Eldersburg/Annapolis, 60.75.

MORC (13 entries): 1. Stingray, Valliant/Muller, Annapolis, 69.25; Inside Scoop, D. Moss, Annapolis, 72; 3. Slick, D. Mulder, Upper Marlboro, 75.

PHRF 1 (35 entries): 1. Infringer, D. Zinn, Annapolis, 160.75; 2. Vivace, T. Velez, Chevy Chase, 164.75; 3. Wild Thang, W. Chambers, Fulton, 170; 4. Electra, A. Wilson, Manassas, Va., 178.75; 5. Squeeze Play, B. Robinson, Oakton, Va., 180. PHRF 2 (30 entries): 1. Mischief, T. Teague, Arlington, Va., 137; 2. Sidekick, B. Miles, Harwood, 137.5; 3. Silent Thunder, S. Mandel, Gaithersburg, 141.5; 4. Marilyn, M. Kiely, Berwyn Heights, 151; 5. Huron, K. von Schwarz, Annapolis, 151. Alberg 30 (11 entries): 1. Phantom, B. Breiding, Washington, DC, 59.5; 2. Sundance, Nye/Evans, Annapolis, 66.75; 3. Argo, P. Scheidt, Highland, 68.5. J/22 (5 entries): 1. No Problem, Libby/Bauman Synd., Annapolis, 27.25; 2. Pink Cadillac, PC Syndicate, Annapolis, 39; 3. Frolic, R. Donald, Annapolis, 39.5. J/30 (12 entries): 1. Blue Moon, J. Ellis, Arnold, 59.5; 2. BeBop, B. Rutsch, Chevy Chase, 62.5; 3. Valhalla, S. Bardelman, Sherwood Forest, 62.75. Pearson 30 (8 entries): 1. Nan-Sea, B. Shoemaker, Annapolis, 45.5; 2. Results, Libby/Tate, Annapolis, 45.75; 3. Andiamo, E. Paglee, Annapolis, 52.75. Race/Rainbow (5 entries): 1. Red Hot, J. Travers, Annapolis, 34.25; 2. Glass Harp, R. Mewhinney, Annapolis, 44.75; 3. Winning Colors, P. Sweeney, Annapolis, 32.75.

Northern Bay Race Week

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