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July 11, 1993

Freeman Deserves Credit For Bringing Business In

Your Sunday, June 13 section for Harford County carried a story about the opening of the Clorox plant. . . . Your story referred to the present county executive and the present economic development director (Jim Fielder) as the catalysts for bringing Clorox to Harford County.

If you research the record, you will find that the previous county executive, Habern Freeman, and the previous economic development director, Bill Siversten, brought Clorox to Harford County as they did many of the other companies included in your story.

The fast-track system was created by Habern Freeman and has brought such companies as Merry-Go-Round, The Gap, MCI and others to Harford County and has made us the envy of the region.

The present executive has attempted to take credit for much of the economic development over the past several years, but much of that was already in place as a result of Habern Freeman's hard work, and I think credit should be given to those who have really done the work.

Geoffrey R. Close

Bel Air

The writer is a former mayor of Bel Air.

Elected School Boards

I was impressed by the letter of Gordon K. Mantler (June 28), promoting election of the Baltimore County school board. It may be the best of all possible worlds; the political selection system, is, after all, part of the Maryland political system. In a word, it stinks.

Yet, we non-politicians, who are interested in education and public schools, must admit we may end up with the same caliber of people we have who represent us. Picture that! A county school board could be the final resting place of political hacks. . . .

Mr. Mantler should travel to Bel Air and observe "our" school board in action. Those on that board appear as puppets, awaiting orders from the Democratic Party of Harford County, and those who appointed them, the politicians. It was only a few years ago when then-Del. William Amoss ignored many in his area with more degrees and, following strict Democratic orders, selected a man who he had never met, never saw his resume. . . . However, keep in mind, that same politician is now a state senator and would be part of the political "election" system.

James L. Mullaney


Handicapped Children

. . . The entire century has been filled with gross negligence and misunderstanding toward retarded children. For many years, these children were placed in institutions to live or die, never to read or write nor talk because they were to believed to be incapable of learning.

Fortunately, there has been much progress and improvement throughout the years due to the increase in awareness, understanding, patience and dedication of special education teachers. They strive to reach and teach and improve each child, and the children want to learn. That is more than I can say for the public school system.

In the past two decades, the public school system has disgracefully deteriorated to a shambles. I believe nearly 20 percent of the teachers have been passed through an inferior system never learning enough to be able to teach anyone. Atrocities abound in grammar, spelling, math, history and others. Cruelty will exist and be manifested in the public school system toward handicapped children. They will grow with social stigmas and sufferings wondering why they deserved this fate.

For the parents of handicapped children and learning disabled we are truly blessed. We take pride when our children learn their ABCs and numbers between the ages of six and eight years old. We take pride when our children learn sign language at age five, even hope to hear them speak. We take pride when they put sentences together between ages eight and 10. We take pride when they can dress themselves between ages six and eight. We take pride when they are finally out of diapers at age 10. We sincerely believe our children are less likely to become involved with drugs, crime and violence.

But we are most proud that we have their love and respect. . . .

Carl R. Van Horn Sr.

Havre de Grace

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