More Dumpsters, Fewer LawyersAs an alternative to the...


July 11, 1993

More Dumpsters, Fewer Lawyers

As an alternative to the state attorney general's solutio (Evening Sun letter, June 22) to trash dumping -- large fines that cannot be collected or jail time which we cannot afford -- I suggest a preventive approach.

Large Dumpsters should be placed in the dumping areas and regularly emptied. This system works very well in the Eastern Shore counties of Virginia.

Former Mayor William Donald Schaefer used this approach to keep downtown Baltimore cleaner with his "Toss One In" trash basket campaign many years ago.

It does work. And it is cheaper to hire trash haulers than police and lawyers.

Fred Broglie


Saving Streams

One of the most difficult, yet essential, tasks that Marylan Save Our Streams calls on its volunteers for is fund-raising. It is for that reason that I want to extend my deepest thanks to the many people who volunteered their time over the past three months to participate in our membership renewal and new member phone-a-thons.

Thirty-eight Anne Arundel County residents were among the more than 100 volunteers who participated in the phone-a-thon. Several volunteered for two or three nights.

This year's phone-a-thons raised over $18,000 in specific pledges, and attracted nearly 500 new Save Our Streams members from across the state. Increasing our base of individual members is an essential part of Save Our Streams' goal to diversify its funding and provide a stable source of revenue to keep our valuable volunteer programs operating.

Thanks also to Little Caesar's and Domino's Pizza, Giant supermarket, Long and Foster Realty in Glen Burnie and Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Edgewater for their assistance.

To all of our dues-paying members, we thank you for your support. And, on behalf of the board of directors and staff of

SOS, our most sincere thanks to our phone-a-thon volunteers for their efforts.

E. Standish Bradford Jr.

Glen Burnie

The writer is president of Maryland Save Our Streams.

Math Competition

For about 15 years, groups of talented high school mathematics students from Anne Arundel County have participated in the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) competition. This year's event was held at Penn State University. The students had an enjoyable and stimulating experience and they should be commended along with their teacher-coaches.

I want to thank the following businesses for helping to finance the trip. Without the support of the community, our talented mathematics students would not participate in this activity: Annapolis Federal, Farmers National Bank, Jones Intercable, Katcef Brothers, Inc., North Arundel Cable TV and WMAR-TV.

All the Anne Arundel participants in ARML thank you for your investment in the future of our county.

Jack Wisthoff


Cancer Test May Save You

On behalf of the Anne Arundel County Commission fo Women, I am writing to you to inform county women about a life-saving program. I am referring to the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening and Educational Program, coordinated by the Anne Arundel Medical Center through a grant from the Hospital Cost Review Commission and by the Health Department through funding from the Centers for Disease Control.

The effort to test eligible women for breast and cervical cancer is part of a statewide campaign to reduce Maryland's alarming cancer death rate, ranked first or second among the 50 states for many years. Approximately 800 Maryland women die of breast cancer every year. It has been proven that early detection and treatment will decrease those rates. We are fortunate that Anne Arundel County has the resources to make a real difference and offer free services to eligible women.

To be eligible for free screening services, which permit women to be cared for by private physicians in their community, the following must apply:

* You are at least 40 years of age. Women who are 50 and older are at especially high risk and are encouraged to participate in this program.

* You do not have health insurance, your insurance deductible is too high or your insurance does not cover preventive health care.

* You do not qualify for either medical assistance or Medicare.

The services covered under this program include breast and pelvic exams, mammograms and pap smears, as well as biopsy or colposcopy. Transportation costs are also included if you need help getting to a screening site or your physician's office. Although there have been no cases which required surgery after screening, a separate program funded by the cigarette tax provides financial assistance if surgery becomes necessary.

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