Balkan Update

July 11, 1993

International mediators failed to persuade Bosnia's leaders to negotiate on a plan calling for ethnic division of their war-torn homeland. The meeting in ZAGREB, Croatia came a day after Bosnia's 10-member presidency rejected the proposal, which is backed by the leaders of Serbia and Croatia.

Some scattered Croat-Muslim fighting was reported from central Bosnia, and in the embattled southwestern city of MOSTAR, Croat forces were shelling the left bank of the Neretva river and Bosnian army positions, U.N. spokesman Cmdr. Barry Frewer said. Meanwhile, a U.N. relief convoy reached Gorazde, the first convoy to the eastern Muslim enclave since June 22.

In MAKARSKA, Croatia, Bosnian Croats and Muslims agreed on Saturday to stop blocking relief convoys in Bosnia in the areas they control -- about 30 percent of Bosnia.

XTC In BELGRADE, Serbian opposition parties abandoned plans to hold nationwide protest rallies, following the release from jail of Vuk Draskovic and his wife Danica.

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