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July 11, 1993


Editor: While skimming through the Sun Magazine last week, I enjoyed reading "Picking Up Trash, Picking Up Lives" by Linda Lowe Morris and Ted Shelsby. [May 23]. It was a refreshing, heartwarming article, and a great change from the normal sad news of the world today.

Thanks for sharing how Anita and Grace are helping good things to happen to many people who may otherwise never have an opportunity to lift themselves from poverty and homelessness. Many will see new direction in their lives.

We could use many more businesses in our state who follow a similar philosophy to use skills of those who don't have many opportunities to feel good about themselves.

Thank you again for your helpful, positive newspaper article. Keep up the good reporting!

Elaine Roberts


Editor: Thank you for such an encouraging story at a time when the news is often of confused, hostile and violent times. Anita Dunbar and Grace Blackstone are to be congratulated on making a niche for themselves and their team with smart business sense plus compassion for the present and future needs of all concerned. Maybe they should run for Congress! We could use their brand of leadership.

Sue McCann


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