Do your financial dealings need a little Elvis in them?

July 11, 1993

Elvis is back. Beginning tomorrow, a Colorado-based printer, Current Inc., will sell Elvis checks as part of a special-edition series.

The checks will feature four designs of the late King of Rock 'n' Roll and can be used just like the typically staid offerings from your neighborhood banker. Current's got a sensitive Elvis glancing over his shoulder, a guitar-toting Elvis, an Elvis portrait and the ever-stylish Elvis in a satin jacket.

"The Elvis check was unique and different. He's someone everyone knows and has name recognition," said Vicki Keller, check merchandising manager at Current, which sells a line of various check designs.

The idea came from the hoopla this year surrounding the Elvis postage stamp, says Ms. Keller, who traveled to Graceland in Memphis with an associate to select from hundreds of Elvis photographs.

To order Elvis checks, write to Current Inc., 1005 Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80901; or call (800) 533-3973. The checks cost $9.50 for 200 checks, or $12.50 for 150 carbonless duplicate checks.

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