NORTH COUNTY--Linthicum * Ferndale * Brooklyn Park

July 08, 1993

Couple facing trial arrested on PCP charges

County police detectives arrested a couple in a North County motel room Tuesday night and charged them with dealing PCP for the second time this year.

Police said they received tips that two people were selling PCP in the northern and eastern areas of the county out of the motel room. Detectives said they searched the room Tuesday and found more than $3,000 in cash and an estimated $9,000 worth of liquid PCP. Police said the couple was counting the money when they arrived.

Franklin E. Gulbrandsen, 27, and Christine M. Gulbrandsen, 19, both of no fixed address, were charged for the second time this year with possession of PCP and possession with intent to distribute PCP.

Police said they arrested the couple March 29 after confiscating PCP-treated parsley flakes and other PCP and drug paraphernalia from their apartment in the 7800 block of Americana Circle, Glen Burnie. They are scheduled to face trial on charges stemming from that arrest next week.

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