Winning raffle ticket sparks ownership suit Co-worker resigned with the prize stub HARFORD COUNTY

July 04, 1993|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,Staff Writer

A dispute over a winning raffle ticket landed in Circuit Court as four co-workers who contend they own equal shares of the ticket received an injunction to stop a former friend and co-worker from taking possession of the prize, a new $130,000 house in Forest Hill.

Judge Stephen M. Waldron granted the injunction late Wednesday only hours before defendants were to meet at the settlement table to close the deal.

The plaintiffs in the case are David and Katherine Robbins, Brent Anderson, Gail Melley and Steve Frushon. Defendants are Kenneth Szpara, Prestige Development, Jenco Homes, House with a Heart Foundation, and Household Home Title Services.

The suit contends that David Robbins bought five raffle ticketApril 22 with his own money.

The charity raffle, sponsored by the House With a Heart Foundation of Bel Air, was to raise money for the homeless.

A new Jenco-built home in the 2200 block of Historic Drive was the top prize.

Mr. Robbins returned to his office at Architecture Collaborative iRelay that day, the suit says, and offered equal shares in each ticket to his staff members, with the proviso that if one of the tickets won the town house, all participating office members would share the prize equally.

On May 1, after one of the tickets bought by Mr. Robbins was drawn as the winner of the house, a dispute over its ownership arose between Mr. Szpara and the plaintiffs, the suit shows.

On May 4 Mr. Szpara, the suit says, resigned his draftsman's job at the firm and took the winning ticket stub with him.

The plaintiffs are seeking $130,000 in damages.

In granting the injunction, Judge Waldron stopped Thursday's anticipated transfer of the title for the town house to Mr. Szpara.

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