Parents pass the memories along


July 04, 1993|By Consella A. Lee | Consella A. Lee,Staff Writer

Spying the big, brown bear walking down the street waving the American flag and carrying a purple banner with Uncle Sam, 19-month-old Danny Fontaine deserted his parents and his curb-side seat, and raced into the bear's arms as his father chased after him.

"This is his first parade, and he likes it," said Danny's mother, Debbie, with her son once again next to her and his father, Tim, as the 19th annual Severna Park Fourth of July parade wound its way down Benfield Road yesterday.

The parade rolled out of the St. Martin's-in-the-Field Episcopal Church parking lot about 10 a.m. The parade journeyed about 2.5 miles, weaving its way from Benfield Road onto Evergreen Road, then Riggs Avenue, then Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard before ending at Park Plaza, where a festival of carnival rides, food and games awaited.

A chorus of "Hi, Barney!" could be heard as the purple dinosaur passed by the children.

Some of the children and adults held balloons. Some people sat on the grass, while others plopped into lawn chairs or just stood and watched as the Severna Park High School marching band drummed by.

For Mrs. Fontaine, the Severna Park parade provided a chance )) to pass on a fond childhood memory to her son.

"I just remember going to parades when I was a little girl, and I wanted Danny to go to one," Mrs. Fontaine said.

Severna Park resident Christina Fowler, 21, and her Great Swiss Mountain dog, Ike, watched as Maryland's Renaissance Festival characters walked by dressed in full medieval garb, despite the morning humidity.

Mrs. Fowler remembered the parades always signified summer was starting when she was growing up. She and Ike almost participated in last year's parade. Ike was going to pull a cart. But, as the best laid plans will go, this one didn't work for them.

"It was too hot, and I didn't want to put him through that kind of torture," she said.

As the drums of the Severna Park High School band pierced the air, Severna Park resident Suzi Wood cradled her 5 1/2 -week-old daughter, Katherine. Glancing at her daughter, Mrs. Wood said, "This is our first parade and she's sleeping through it."

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