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June 30, 1993

Church helps fight illiteracy in Pakistan

Members of Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park are raising money this week to help combat one of Pakistan's most persistent problems -- illiteracy.

The money is being funneled through the Adult Basic Education Society, based in Gujranwala, to promote nonformal literacy education in a country where nearly 75 percent of the population cannot read or write.

"By sharing financial and human resources with the people of Pakistan, U.S. Presbyterians obey the gospel mandate to use our God-given gifts to serve one another," said the church pastor, the Rev. Terry Schoener. He did not say how much the church hoped to raise.

Through the society's efforts, last year some 20,000 people learned to read and write.

The society's director, Vincent David, reports that the organization is joining a government attempt to achieve 100 percent literacy in the district of Islamabad.

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