After spending a week downy ocean, hon, we're glad to be back GLEN BURNIE


June 30, 1993|By BONITA FORMWALT

We packed up the beach chairs, sunglasses, sand pails and a cooler and headed for the surf, sand and sun of O.C.

A week later we staggered back with one extra chair, no shovels for the sand pails and our skin colored an unusual shade of maroon.

Vacation time!!

So as not to forget one shining moment of our respite from the daily grind, I kept a journal. I'd like to share a few passages. The rest have been sent to Stevie Spielberg as a screenplay for his next horror movie.

Day 1: Arrive safely. Husband discovers there is no remote control for the television. Forced to use next best channel changer -- our 10-year-old son.

Day 2: Very hot, very sunny. Not many trees on the beach. Having second thoughts on saving $4 on a generic brand of sunscreen.

Day 3: Spend morning carefully applying newly purchased sunscreen in hopes of blending red/white mottled skin into one large sunburn. Children taking bets on when my skin will peel.

Day 4: Travel down the boardwalk at a fast trot hoping children will not notice lewd T-shirts prominently displayed. Doesn't work. Startled to discover they understand most of them. Re-evaluating decision to have children.

Day 5: Develop a nervous twitch around noon after husband remarks that my sun-, salt- and chlorine-damaged hair is starting to look like Don King's.

Day 6: Third visit to play putt-putt. After soundly defeating my four preteen opponents I do a putt-putt victory dance atop flaming volcano in middle of golf course. Opponents opt to walk 37 blocks back to apartment without me.

Day 7: On our way home. Twitch abates as we approach Glen Burnie. Start to sniffle at the Glen Burnie Post Office. Break into tears as we pass Empire Towers. Children request to walk home when I start sobbing at my 7-Eleven.

Did you miss us too, Glen Burnie?


Another Glen Burnie neighbor recently spent some time in Ocean City. Pamela Chrisman came back home with a tan and the first runner-up title in the Miss Maryland Fire Prevention competition.

The winner of the 1992 Miss Glen Burnie Fire Prevention contest, Pamela went on to win the county title. In November, she was selected by the Maryland Fire Chiefs Association to represent it at the volunteer firefighters convention, where she won her title.

Pamela is a 20-year-old law student at the University of Baltimore. Her mother, Maria, suggested she enter the Glen Burnie contest as a way of serving the community.

Since winning the first contest, Pamela and her mother have made the program a family affair. At the parade in Ocean City, Mrs. Chrisman dressed up as Sparky the Fire Dog and accompanied her daughter in the procession. She received the Judges' Award for her participation.


Marley Middle School had an awards ceremony to honor several students for their scholastic efforts during the school year.

Eighth-graders Jessica Sweeney and Gregory Skipper were recognized by Marley's PTA as the Outstanding Students of the Year. Jessica also was honored with an award for the highest scholastic standing with a 3.96 grade point average out of a possible 4.0.

Eric Day was the recipient of the Colonel Smith Award, presented to the outstanding student in special education.

The department awards for outstanding achievement were presented to the following students: Christopher Buscemi and Stephanie Pratt, language arts; Sweeney and Mike Damone, math; Sweeney and Huburt Kowalewski, social studies; Steve Meyers and Amanda Howard, art; Skipper and Sweeney, home economics; Buscemi and Amber Hughes, technology education; Stephanie Hlavin and Heather Clark, French; Sweeney, Spanish; Tony Duff and Amy Smith, physical education; Lee Eduvigen and Horacio Capella, special education.

Awards for excellence in instrumental music were given to Buscemi, Sweeney, Charlotte Faraci, Jordana Segreti, Katie Stockdale, Taquita Haygood, Jared Kish, Robert Gittens and Brianne Burkhead.

The department awards for Most Notable Progress were awarded to the following students: Marvin Pearmon and Kristin Brooks, language arts; Darrell Hall and Wendy Isner, science; Scott Buckheit and Gina Shillenberg, social studies; Brian Knipp and Marjorie Osorno, art; Eddie Thompson and Tykisha Peet, home economics; Mike King and Jamie Megenhardt, technology education; Thomas Michaels, French; Joe Newcomb, Spanish; Keith Mallett and Crystal Padgette, physical education; Mike Sheppard and Jack Barton, special education.


Vacation Bible School is set to begin at Marley United Methodist Church from Monday through July 9. Classes for children ages 4 through sixth grade are scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon each weekday, with a closing ceremony scheduled for 6:30 p.m. July 9.

There is no fee for the classes, although a goodwill offering is welcome.

Marley Methodist is at 30 Marley Neck Blvd. For information, call 768-0569.


School may be out for the summer, but plans are being made for the 1993-94 preschool year.

Effective this September, the Arthur Slade Edu-Care Center will offer part-time programs for children ages 2, 3 and 4. Programs will operate from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., two, three or five days per week.

The new program is in addition to the school's child care center.

For further information, call 760-2024.

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