10-year Lotto player gets big payoff Man who won $2.6 million says he won't change BALTIMORE CITY

June 30, 1993|By Katherine Ramirez | Katherine Ramirez,Staff Writer

After the winning Lotto numbers were selected Saturday night, Ottoway Harrison Sr. had a lot of celebrating to do -- more than $2.6 million worth.

Mr. Harrison, 60, of the 4800 block of Hamilton Ave. in Baltimore, beat odds of about 7 million to 1 to become the sole jackpot winner.

The winning numbers were 02-06-11-31-39-42, and the ticket was purchased at F&M Enterprises Inc. on North Point Boulevard in southeastern Baltimore County.

Mr. Harrison, who owns Ottoway Harrison Asphalt, will receive an initial payment of $130,418 and 19 annual payments of $134,000, before taxes.

He said he will share the jackpot with his two sons.

Mr. Harrison said he has been playing Lotto steadily since 1983.

"Whenever I would lose I would never get jealous or angry; I would just keep on playing every week," Mr. Harrison said yesterday. "But something told me this year I would definitely win."

Mr. Harrison watched Saturday night's drawing on television and scribbled down the winning numbers.

He said he was stunned when he compared them with the numbers on his lottery ticket.

"When I looked at all the matching numbers, they practically popped off the page," Mr. Harrison said.

After "dancing a victory dance," he calmed down and told his fiancee, Barbara Oppel, 39, and her parents that he had won.

It wasn't until Sunday that they finally accepted his word, he recalled.

"I like to joke around a lot, and at first they just didn't believe me," said Mr. Harrison, describing the reaction of his future parents-in-law.

Mr. Harrison said the money will not change him, that he will continue to be the person he always has been.

"I'm poor and now I've got a little bit of money," Mr. Harrison said. "I've always been a good person and always will be."

He said he will continue to work at his asphalt pavement business but that he was not sure about his long-term plans.

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