TAKE a browse through the June issue of Governing, the...


June 29, 1993

TAKE a browse through the June issue of Governing, the monthly "Magazine of States and Localities" published by Congressional Quarterly Inc., and you'll happen upon a familiar name and face.

"Roger B. Hayden: Doing Business" reads the bold, all-caps headline over an eight-paragraph item that also features an unusually flattering photo of the Baltimore County Executive.

In the piece, Governing staffer Jonathan Walters writes:

"While politicians have certainly been known to borrow corporate rhetoric in order to sound tough while campaigning, few have ever applied it to operating a government the way Hayden has. And nothing demonstrates his approach better than his moves last February to balance the county's budget.

"Hayden imposed spending cuts on his suburban constituents that had all the feel of a hard-nosed IBM downsizing and very little hint of carefully calculated political maneuvering. If anything, Hayden seemed to go out of his way to self-inflict political damage. . .

"It is the fallout from the February cuts that will likely decide whether applying Hayden's self-professed business principles to cutting government is a quick ticket back into the private sector. . . "

The piece also quotes The Evening Sun's Larry Carson, who has covered the county government for two decades, as saying of Mr. Hayden, "I think a lot of people give him credit to the extent that he has done what he was elected to do: cut spending and cut the size of government. At the same time, there are things that he could have done to minimize political damage, but didn't. Even his own people say he's now unelectable."

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