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June 29, 1993

I.N.D. Speaker

The Institute of Notre Dame not only educates in the formal sense, it teaches students to think, to educate and to make decisions. I.N.D encourages students to be tough and to stand by their beliefs and decisions against a world that will not always agree with them.

Just as I'm sure Mary Pat Clarke was an excellent choice as a commencement speaker, I'm sure the administration at Institute of Notre Dame would never give in to a pressure group. It would give a bad example to the women they are preparing to go into the world. There must have been a misunderstanding.

I graduated 30 years ago from I.N.D. My commencement exercise was also held at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

The Class of 1993 was deprived of an excellent speaker and the opportunity to evaluate her speech. The Defend Life Group should be ashamed of itself for its comments and actions.

Marnie Higgins


Religion in School

Mike Littwin refers to a ''handful of Jewish kids'' in the classroom scene he described in his May 24 column.

Thankfully, they had each other for support. But a young Jewish boy was a loner while the rest of his class strolled around the schoolroom singing Christmas carols when I was in elementary school over a half-century ago. The forlorn look on his face is still easy for me to recall and has influenced my thinking ever since.

George M. Watson



Garland L. Crosby's June 8 response to black Johns Hopkins students who stand up for what they believe was one which could have been thought out much more before it was written.

We chose Johns Hopkins because this is the school we felt was the one for us. Many of us could have gone to historically black institutions, but we chose Hopkins. Mr. Crosby's statement about going to black institutions to learn black history is an insult.

Is our history so unimportant that it doesn't deserve a department at Hopkins? If this is one of the finest schools in the country, surely it can educate me properly on black history without having to use black institutions as crutches to teach what it should.

We are the trailblazers at Johns Hopkins, trying to bring about a better Hopkins for people of all races. If anything, Mr. Crosby should be calling the Black Student Union and asking if there is any way possible he could help us.

Charles Sydnor III



The demise of the Seth Forrest water beetle in the Seth State Forest near Easton comes as little surprise to conservationists who are familiar with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources' track record in managing our state forests.

Many citizens, just like Paul Spangler, the scientist who discovered the beetle, wrongly assume that state forests are TC preserve for nature. In truth, logging, including clear cutting, is the principal activity that occurs on our state forests.

The Natural Heritage Program within DNR is responsible for protecting Maryland's threatened and endangered species. However, forestry officials typically will only concede a ''postage stamp'' preserve around a protected species while logging the remaining area.

The former head of the Maryland Natural Heritage Program, D. Daniel Boone, objected strenuously to DNR logging practices, and as a result he was first demoted, then forcibly transferred from the program.

DNR officials still fail to appreciate their stewardship responsibilities and the unique role of our public lands as the only areas where we can let nature take its course with minimal interference by man. Sadly, there are some officials within DNR who are secretly pleased that the timber was harvested at Seth State Forest even if it means that the Seth Forrest water beetle is probably now extinct.

With the continuing loss of private forest lands to development and intensive commercial logging, it is time to stop commercial timber sales on our state forests.

Glen Besa


Ballgame Brawl

Regarding the recent brawl at the ballpark, it is interesting to note that most of the players were brought up in Little League, where kids are taught good sportsmanship while the parents fight over the call.

It is also worth recalling that when we, as kids, scuffled on the sandlot, we were better friends the next morning on the school bus.

George Wroe


Name Game

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when our beautiful stadium was built, wasn't it named Oriole Park at Camden Yards?

How come I never hear Oriole Park on television, but only Camden Yards or the Yard? How quickly we forget.

It is Oriole Park and not a stockyard.

Jacqueline Newman


Looking for Jobs

It was deja vu for so-called welfare mothers. According to an account in The Sun (June 11) almost 700 women looking for jobs attended a recent conference in which employment was not even on the agenda. Years ago, Project WIN was initiated to offer training and employment opportunities for mothers receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

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