Baltimore Harbor, 1943Sky on water on steelWater on sky on...

June 28, 1993|By Glenn McNatt

Baltimore Harbor, 1943

Sky on water on steel

Water on sky on steel

Steel on ships on water

Sky on steel on ships

Sky on steel on ships

Delilah, at the 2 O'Clock

Put on a dress, honey,

if you wants

to get a man.

Men like a

pretty woman

in a pretty dress,

And you is pretty.

I don't have time

for all that now.

I told you, I'm

through, and

that's all there

is to it.

Can't you

understand that?

I know your feelings

is hurt and all,

But I can't help

that. That's just

The way it is

I'm an honest

person, I don't

play no games,

And don't you

try to play no games

On me, either.

So just so you

know, it's over

between me and you.

Shards of words, the pitiful look,

A body, round and supple.

O Delilah, temptress!

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