East Columbia

June 28, 1993


* Kings Contrivance: Route 32/Broken Land Parkway: Someone stole nine construction signs worth $1,300 and portable tables valued at $1,600 from a construction site between 7 p.m. on Wednesday and 9 a.m. on Thursday.

* Long Reach: 5600 block of Lightspun Lane: Someone stole a purse from the entrance way between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

* Owen Brown: 6000 block of Major's Lane: About $35 in cassette tapes and a $300 cassette radio were stolen from a blue Nissan Sentra between 10:20 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. on Thursday.

5500 block of Vantage Point: A white 1985 Toyota Celica was stolen between 8 p.m. on Tuesday and 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday.

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