Belcamp's Bever keeps rolling along with 15 300 games


June 27, 1993|By DON VITEK

Brian Bever is not the kind of guy who boasts, so his voice was very low when he answered the question: How many 300 games have you thrown in your career?

"Fifteen, eight of them last season," he said.

Bever, born and reared in Sparrows Point and Dundalk and a boyhood friend of PBA player Danny Wiseman, lives in Belcamp.

Bowling for more than half of his 24 years, Bever has kept himself immersed in the tenpin game.

Currently he's operation manager for Champion Bowling Products, a company founded in 1991 that manufactures the Weapon ball as well as a full line of bowling bags, totes, towels and shirts.

"I've been very lucky to be able to work with guys like Bill Hall, Chris Warren, Del Ballard and Norm Duke," Bever said. "Since I'm an amateur bowler they'll ask my opinion on the equipment to get the viewpoint of someone who bowls in local leagues and amateur events."

Could Bever be thinking about turning pro?

"Well, I wouldn't rule it out," he said. "But right now I'm happy being able to bowl in the high-stakes amateur events, such as the Hi Roller in Vegas, for example, and the Hoinke Classic in Cincinnati, the ABC Master, those kind of tournaments."

Last year, in the Greater Baltimore Bowling Association championship tournament at Brunswick Normandy, Bever won the All-Events Scratch and was a member of the winning team in the Scratch Team event. In 1991 he was a member of the State Team Handicap winner.

In competition with professionals at regional events, he's made the finals two of three times. As an amateur he's allowed to bowl in PBA events. He has competed in the ABC tournament six straight years.

His winter/fall leagues are the Monday Men's Classic at Country Club lanes and the Thursday Major Men's at Fair Lane Edgewood.

If you look at the positive things, you find that Bever has a lot of valid reasons for thinking about life on the pro tour. Last year he averaged 220, he owns the house record for a three-game set at Fair Lanes Edgewood with games of 299, 279 and 267 for a 845 series thrown when he was 20 years old. And, of course, the 15 300 games, eight in a single season.

Why the sudden surge in perfect games?

"A combination of things," he said. "I've been bowling well, practicing about 50 games per week, and I was using the Ultimate Weapon."

Bever worked for Faball, manufacturers of the Hammer line of bowling balls and equipment, for six years before joining Champion. He worked in just about every department of Faball, learning every aspect of the bowling ball manufacturing.

"We make four bowling balls at Champion," Bever said. "The Black Weapon for oily lane conditions, the Burgundy Weapon for medium to dry lanes, the Blue Weapon for dry conditions and the Ultimate Weapon that provides maximum hook."

How are the balls working on the PBA tour?

"Well, Ballard won the U.S. Open, Dee Dee Davidson won the LPBT U.S. Open, Norm Duke took the ABC Bud Light in Tulsa and Pete Weber won the first ever PBA event in Canada using the Weapon," Bever said.

Bel Air Bowl sets events

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