Caprinolo hammers out win in NABI


June 27, 1993|By DON VITEK

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. stopped at Brunswick Columbia on June 12-13 when 209 entries competed for $5,402 in prize money.

When the last pin had fallen, Nick Caprinolo of Columbia had captured the $1,000 first prize. Mike Burch was second, Pat Henry third, Shai Nyi fourth, and Tim Prevatt fifth.

"I started bowling duckpins when I was 8 years old," Caprinolo said. "Then I started bowling tenpins and I've been doing that, off and on, ever since."

Bowling in two leagues, the Monday Katz N Jammers and the Wednesday Men's at Columbia, he carries a 190 average.

"I just began bowling the NABI tournaments in April," he said. "Mark Rawls and Tim Prevatt talked me into it."

Caprinolo has a career-high 693 series and a top game of 279. He tossed that in the tournament.

"I'm using a new ball, a Burgundy Hammer," he said. "That ball hits hard enough to carry a light hit and that's what it was doing in NABI, carrying the light hits."

Burch, originally from Annapolis, lives in Reisterstown and bowls in the Monday men's league at Fair Lane Kings Point, Randallstown. He's another bowler who can tell you about the value of using the right equipment.

He has been bowling for about seven years. In the Kings Point league he averaged 204; in NABI his average is 195. And he bowls in a lot of NABI tournaments.

"I know that he's been in the top five [of the stepladder finals] at least 10 times," said Lucy Doctor of NABI. "He just can't seem to win that top prize."

Burch, who has a high-series score of 778, is using a 16-pound Turbo-X bowling ball. That's a reactive resin ball and according to Jerry Francomano, Sports Plus Carmen Don Pro Shop operator, "the leader of the pack when it comes to 'cheater balls.' "

Burch said, "Jerry Sieglein of Reisterstown Pro Shop drilled it for me. I went right out and threw my first 300 game with it."

And in the process of rolling that 300, he threw 23 strikes in a row on May 3 in his Kings Point league.

Henry of Stafford, Va., still hasn't matched his wife, Laverne, in NABI competition. Laverne carries a 150 average, and Pat a 158 average, in the Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Couples league at Crofton Bowling Centre. Last Sept. 13, Laverne won the NABI tournament at Crofton; Pat placed fifth.

Nyi began bowling when he was a student at Southern Illinois Medical School.

"There was a bowling center right next to the medical school," he said. "A lot of the students bowled there and that's where I first learned the game."

Last season, he bowled in two leagues at Columbia, the Monday Mixed and the Wednesday men's leagues, averaging 170. Using a 16-pound Columbia Bud II bowling ball he tossed a high game of 256.

"A friend took me to a NABI tournament about two years ago," Nyi said. "That first time I made the semifinals and I was hooked on tournament bowling."

Prevatt bowls at Brunswick Normandy in three leagues and carries a 168 average.

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