Not enough real fans? YupIn response to an earlier...


June 27, 1993

Not enough real fans? Yup

In response to an earlier editorial about the absence of real fans at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I agree with the writer wholeheartedly that only about 20 percent of the people at the game are real fans and the rest are yuppies and corporate types.

The cure to this problem is simple: eliminate some of the corporate box seats next year so more real fans that want to get a close-up look at Cal Ripken can have that chance.

I feel bad for those fathers and their sons who will never get a

chance to walk up to the ticket booth and buy box seats because some yuppies and their clients wish to do business in the comforts of the yard.

Besides, after a few years, the novelty of the stadium will wear off and these losers will stop asking me

if Cal Ripken is pitching.

Christopher M. Ellis

Ellicott City

Brooks gives away ins on O's

When you listen to Channel 2's Brooks Robinson, the other team gets an automatic scouting report on the Orioles hitters and pitchers.

Brooks tries to be informative, but instead analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each hitter and pitcher.

If you watch the Orioles like Mr. Robinson does -- 100-plus times a year -- you get a very accurate report from the best seat in the house; Leo Gomez is a good low-ball hitter, can't hit the real heat, keep the ball above his waist right where the catcher keeps his glove high.

All an opposing team has to do is listen to Channel 2 in the dugout. Brooks doesn't know the new players, like Harold Reynolds, Harold Baines and Sherman Obando, so they are the only Orioles hitting.

Brooks should stress his efforts on the other team.

Daniel Kelly

College Park

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