Motorist charged with drug counts after search Traffic stop, warning lead to arrest

June 27, 1993|By Darren M. Allen | Darren M. Allen,Staff Writer

The state trooper was about to let Stuart Alan Attman go with a warning after he made an illegal right turn onto Route 140 early Friday.

But then the trooper asked Mr. Attman -- who he said "was nervous" -- if he could search his 1991 Volkswagen for "drugs or weapons."

"Go ahead," Mr. Attman said, according to District Court records filed Friday by state Tfc. Mark E. Long.

Under the driver's side rear floor mat, Trooper Long found a bag of marijuana, a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and a wooden marijuana pipe, he reported.

So instead of driving away with a written warning to obey traffic regu

lations in the future, Mr. Attman, 30, of Owings Mills, has been released after posting a $5,000 bond facing three drug charges at a criminal trial scheduled Sept. 29.

District Court charging documents said that Trooper Long noticed the Volkswagen with its headlights on at 2:43 a.m. Friday in the Tower Business Center, at Route 140 and Suffolk Road in Finksburg.

"I thought it was suspicious, given the hour of the night," the trooper wrote in his report.

He saw the car turn right out of the parking lot, despite two signs that prohibit right turns onto Route 140.

The trooper stopped the car and asked Mr. Attman for his driver's license. Trooper long wrote that he detected a "light odor" of alcohol, but Mr. Attman performed several field sobriety tests "successfully."

The trooper reported that he wrote a warning. He wrote that Mr. Attman "had a nervousness about him."

Mr. Attman told Trooper Long that he and his girlfriend had just had an argument, and that he went to the Sunn Express Spa -- a massage establishment -- to relax.

"He told me twice that he was nervous, and once that I was making him nervous," the trooper wrote.

The trooper reported that he then asked to search the car, and Mr. Attman let him.

Mr. Attman was charged with two counts of drug possession and one count of paraphernalia possession. He was released on bond at 8 a.m. Friday.

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