27 guns are traded for cash at church

June 27, 1993

A church in Baltimore's Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood that is offering $25 to residents who turned in handguns %J received 27 weapons yesterday, including several sawed-off shotguns.

The weapon turn-in at St. Gregory the Great church on Gilmor Street was the second for the poor West Baltimore neighborhood. On May 22, the church received 35 guns.

"It seems that people were looking for ways to turn in the guns," said the Rev. Gregory Napela, pastor of the church.

"We stress there are no questions asked. They bring the gun in, it's examined, and we give them the monetary incentive," he said.

The guns were turned in to the Baltimore police, who will destroy them, Father Napela said.

The gun turn-in is part of a multi-faceted program, including the Hands Across Sandtown celebration in May, to decrease violence in the neighborhood.

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