Barbaric DecisionI am appalled by the recent Supremme...


June 27, 1993

Barbaric Decision

I am appalled by the recent Supremme Court decision legalizing animal sacrifice as part of a ''religious ceremony.''

After learning about this decision, I was compelled to seriously ponder the following salient questions: If the learned justices fail to protect creatures unable to protect themselves, who will do so?

What kind of odious example has been set by the highest court in the land? And, finally, how can a civilized society sanction a disgustingly repugnant practice in the name of religion?

After reflection, I concluded that the justices, with their barbaric decision, have clearly aligned themselves with those gangsters who kill indiscriminately without regard for the sanctity of life. I am fearful that if society fails to cherish life, be it human or animal, our supposedly refined society is bound to have a dreadful end.

Yale Kellman

Owings Mills


The June 14 op-ed column by Michael K. Burns sums up Baltimore County's present policy of inclusion.

As parents of a nine-year-old son who has attended the special education programs in Baltimore County for five years, we anguish over the seemingly chaotic and frightfully fast pace that School Superintendent Stuart Berger and the Board of Education have taken in their quest for inclusion for the learning disabled students of Baltimore County.

Our son was shifted from one program and school four times over the last five years.

OC He attended White Oak School five years ago, was transferred to Ridge School the next year and then was transferred to an outreach program at Pleasant Plains Elementary School. His services were not met at this program, and last year, he was placed back at White Oak School. He has attended the White Oak School for two years, and plans have been implemented for him to attend school there again in September.

Both his parents, pediatrician and neurologist all concur and agree that our sons' classroom setting is just what White Oak provides.

Although each child is individually assessed for placement, we whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Burns that this inclusion transition, without proper planning, staging, parent involvement and teacher training, is a gross mistake on the part of the $H superintendent and the school board.

As parents of a learning-disabled child, we are concerned about our son's achievement if he were placed in an inclusion atmosphere, with 25 to 30 normal students; a setting we all concur would be detrimental to his development.

The inclusion concept is being used throughout many states in the country. When used correctly, it may be good for many children when they have met the change, but not when the school administration and the school board decide the change.

Timothy T. Bollinger


Pregnant Thought

In the days before political correctness, friends of the late Hubert Humphrey remarked about his inability to say "no": "If Hubert was a woman, he'd always be pregnant."

The same may be said of President Clinton's obsession to please everyone.

McNair Taylor


Shameful Use

People in the White Marsh area should take a drive west on Route 43 to see the beautiful woodland that is about to be destroyed for yet another Wal-Mart store. If there ever was a piece of land that is being put to a shameful use, this has to be it.

At a time when competition between stores in the area is so great that some will be driven out of business, our public officials okayed the destruction of environmentally sensitive land like this for yet another department store.

I believe that if enough people see the area about to be destroyed, they will try to reverse the decision that allows destruction of such an area.

Eugene Rohe


Take Their Cars

Recently, I read about a very appropriate technique for reducing the drug trade.

Using confiscation laws, New York police seized 35 cars from people who purchased drugs. This practice gets those who are really the creators and perpetrators of the drug trade.

All too many drug purchasers are middle- and upper-class people who pass as solid citizens. In fact, they are responsible for the violent and deadly world of drug dealers who destroy our cities and kill so many.

Just as it is appropriate to arrest those who roam the street accosting women for sex and not simply arrest the woman who offers sex, so we should arrest and confiscate the vehicles of those who buy drugs and not just from those who deal drugs.

Good sense and equity demand this.

Wally Orlinsky


What Watermen Want Done about Crabs

Gov. William Donald Schaefer has proposed sweeping changes in crabbing in Maryland waters as a result of a decline in crab harvests.

Restrictions could include elimination of so-called non-commercial licenses, a requirement for licenses for recreational crabbers 16 and older and a limitation on commercial waterman to 300 crab pots per license.

The crab pot limit is worrisome to the commercial watermen. Any business is limited by input, maintenance and output, etc.

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