On the market, decorated cups could runneth over with value


June 27, 1993|By Anne McCollam | Anne McCollam,Copley News Service

Q: Enclosed please find a picture of a demitasse cup and saucer. It was made in Czechoslovakia during the 1920s. Each TC piece is decorated with birds and flowers. The markings on the back are "M. Z. -- Altrolau -- Czechoslovakia."

Can you tell me the name of the manufacturer and estimate the current value?

A: Your demitasse set was made by the Moritz Zdekauer Co. in Altrolau, Czechoslovakia, and would probably sell for about $25 to $35 for each cup and saucer.

Q: My father brought back from Germany after World War II a set of china. It is a 48-piece service for eight and is decorated with a floral design on the rim. Can you provide any information about this set of china?

A: The manufacturer was Retsch & Co. in Wunsiedel, Germany. Your set was made in the mid-20th century and would probably sell for about $165 to $185.

Q: I have an 80-piece service for 12 of fine china that originally belonged to my grandmother. My grandmother was born in the

1890s. It has a floral pattern trimmed with gold. It is marked "H.&C. -- Selb -- Bavaria -- Germany -- U.S. Zone." I would appreciate information as to the maker, vintage and value.

A: Since this is marked "Germany -- U.S. Zone," it was made between 1945 and 1949 (right after World War II). It was made in Selb, Germany, by Heinrich & Co.

Q: I have a 41-piece service for six of Russell Wright ice-blue

china made by Iroquois. Could you please tell me when this was made and its value.

A: Your china, designed by Russell Wright, was manufactured by the Iroquois China Co., Syracuse, N.Y., during the '50s. It would probably sell for $225-$250 in good condition.

Q: I have a bronze figurine, "The End of the Trail" marked with a "C" in a circle and "1894, Fraser." It measures 13 inches, not including the base. Can you give me any information about it?

A: This is a reproduction of the original, which was 31 inches tall. The sculptor, James Earle Fraser, also designed the buffalo nickel. The "C" stands for "copyright." The value of this reduced size reproduction would be in the $150 to $200 range.

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