10 reasons Dave's glad to move on

June 25, 1993

Top 10 reasons Letterman is happy to be leaving NBC for CBS:

10 He won't ever have to talk to Bryant Gumbel again.

9 He won't have to let Bob Hope come on his show to plug sweeps specials.

8 He can see Connie Chung every day and Maury Povich can't do anything about it.

7 He will finally be able to move the home office out of Oneonta, N.Y.

6 Die-hard Letterman fans can get to sleep an hour earlier and may be able to actually write legible viewer mail as a result.

5 No more "weasels, weasels, weasels."

4 No more nuisance lawsuits from pedestrians in Rockefeller Plaza hit by flying pencils and broken glass.

3 It will make that Jay guy who beat him out for the first job real nervous all summer.

2 He won't have to go head to head with Jerry Springer any more in cities like Baltimore and get beat in the ratings.

1 Ten reasons? How about $42 million worth of reasons?

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