Academic ContestAs a parent of a 1993 graduate of Dulaney...


June 24, 1993

Academic Contest

As a parent of a 1993 graduate of Dulaney High School, I am saddened and frustrated by the editorial concerning Amanda White.

You blame Dr. Stuart Berger and the Baltimore County school system for allowing this high level of competition to occur. I'm sure there are many schools in the area that would welcome this type of motivation in students.

The valuable lesson Amanda and her parents should extract from this situation is that sometimes life just isn't fair. You do the best you can, you play by the rules, and most of the time the results will be in your favor.

Amanda and Angela Lee deserve our support and congratulations. As Dulaney parents, we are proud of all our students' achievements and wish the graduates success and happiness.

Stephanie Kimmons


EMILY's List

A May 15 article about campaign finance reform mentioned EMILY's List, the grass-roots membership organization which supports Democratic women candidates. As a member, I want to tell your readers why EMILY is important to me and thousands of others.

EMILY's List makes it possible for women and men all over the country to learn about women candidates from other states; to decide which of these candidates we want to support, and then to follow their campaign throughout the election. This is political volunteering at its best. This is what real reform is all about.

It is necessary for women candidates because they don't have access to the usual sources of campaign funds. It is not incumbent protection. Last year, 98 percent of EMILY's support went to non-incumbents.

I agree that the present political system needs reform, but I also want to be sure that changes in the law don't make it harder to elect women. The last time Congress passed a major reform law, in 1974, it did not take the experiences of female candidates into account. The result was that from 1974 to 1985, the number of Democratic women in the Congress actually decreased.

EMILY's List was founded to provide grass-roots small donor support for women candidates, and the number of elected women began going up. Our own Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who was the only Democratic woman ever elected to the Senate in her own right, is now the dean of Democratic women and a member of the Senate leadership. She supports EMILY'S List, not for her own campaign, but on behalf of future women candidates.

Women have just begun to crack the glass ceiling of politics. We can't afford to lose an organization that has made such a big difference.

Terry Rubenstein

Owings Mill

Bad Headline

It was with a feeling of disappointment and disgust that I read in the June 15 Sun, in sub-headlines, ''Jewish woman appointed to Supreme Court.''

I honestly thought that this kind of racial and religious discrimination was passe, especially in a reputable newspaper such as The Sun.

Would you have printed in sub-headlines ''Catholic woman'' or ''Baptist woman'' appointed to Supreme Court? Neither her race nor her religion should have been the focus of your headline.

Maurice I. Paper


Medicare Dilemma

If they are not yet on Medicare, people retiring from a career with the state of Maryland and thinking of living out of state should be aware of a problem that will surface in their medical insurance coverage.

I have a friend who worked 30 years for the state and retired to Kansas City, Mo., to be near her family. Early this year, she discovered that because she no longer lives in Maryland, she has about 60 percent less coverage on medical bills than retirees living in state. This is despite the fact that she always paid and continues to pay the same medical insurance premiums as in-state retirees.

The nub of the problem lies with the Blue Cross Preferred Providers payment system out-of-state retirees must use.

Preferred Providers are physicians who have agreed to charge less than the "usual and customary" fee for services in exchange for the increased traffic being on the list may bring. All the Preferred Provider physicians are in Maryland. If, like my friend, you live elsewhere, you are billed the going rate there but are reimbursed only what a Maryland Preferred Provider charges.

I find it incredible that Maryland has not made provisions in a more fair and equitable manner for its out-of-state retirees. Considering the size of the work force, there may be hundreds of out-of-state retirees getting shortchanged on their medical expenses.

Herman M. Heyn


New Education Reform Will Create Problems

Maryland State School Superintendent Nancy Grasmick's article (The Sun, May 30) attempting to sell her adopted education package was not original but an exact echo of earlier education reform reports, such as Goals 2000 -- only with a new political name.

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