Newest light rail stretch opens to sparse travel But volume builds at new station lot GLEN BURNIE

June 22, 1993|By Angela Winter Ney | Angela Winter Ney,Staff Writer

Travel on the new stretch of light rail from Baltimore to Ferndale and Glen Burnie was sparse on Sunday, opening day for the two new stops.

Mass Transit Administration officials said they didn't count ridership on Sunday, but Dianna Rosborough, media public relations director, said she observed the light turnout.

"We didn't count officially; what we need is to know how many people are using the total system at a certain time," she said. "The first day didn't let us know anything -- it's a Sunday."

Yesterday, the station's second day open, about one-third of the Cromwell Station/Glen Burnie stop's 780-space parking lot was full, Ms. Rosborough said. The 162-space North Linthicum lot, which is usually full, was down to 75 percent, indicating that some riders were using a station closer to home, she said.

"We're hopeful Cromwell Station will be one of our heaviest used lots because of the size," Ms. Rosborough said.

An obstacle to light rail's growth has been a lack of parking, but the Glen Burnie lot is one of the biggest on the light rail line, she said.

Service on the rail's opening days was on time, with no delays, Ms. Rosborough said.

MTA observers also noticed that passengers at Cromwell Station "knew how to use the ticket vending machines already," the spokeswoman said. "Obviously they've been on light rail before, for baseball games or whatever."

The trip from Glen Burnie to Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore takes about 25 minutes.

Cromwell Station/Glen Burnie is located at 102 Dorsey Road, at the intersection of Dorsey and Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard, across from the Cromwell Field Shopping Center.

The Ferndale station is located along Route 648 near the intersection with Ferndale Road.

State officials will survey ridership in a month or two to gauge the initial success of the Anne Arundel County segment.

The $462.5 million light rail system opened for limited service, traveling from Timonium to Camden Yards, in May 1992.

Further extensions to Hunt Valley, Baltimore-Washington International Airport and Pennsylvania Station may be completed by 1996.

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