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June 22, 1993

Buffer needed between unit and arboretum

We attended the June 8 Land Use Committee hearing on the planned unit development at Cylburn Hills. It seemed clear that the City Council members are in favor of the developers' plans.

It is also clear that all parties are sensitive to the development's possible effects on Cylburn Arboretum. We propose that if the plan is approved it be approved with the following conditions:

1. The initial construction should be done as far as possible from the boundary with Cylburn, and construction should approach the Cylburn boundary only after the project has proved successful.

If it is not successful, this will have preserved the greatest possible amount of land contiguous to the arboretum.

2. The developer should immediately proceed with planting of the "evergreen understory" buffer zone along the Cylburn boundary.

If the project proves successful the planting would then be well established before construction nears the arboretum.

)Leslie Starr and Joseph Turner


Sacrificial lambs

I recently heard a talk-show host discuss the new stupid ruling by the Supreme Court.

The court ruled that animal sacrifice could be legal if done in the name of religion. In this same vein, this talk-show host said that his religion allowed virgins to be sacrificed in order to have good crops.

Maybe if I were a pagan, and I felt that Christians should be fed to the lions in the name of my religion that, too, would be acceptable.

Of course, if I practice voodoo, I certainly would be allowed to have dolls of prominent people in government that I could do harm to.

Don't forget the religions that use hallucinatory drugs in their religious ceremonies, such as peyote.

Then if you believe in the stars, astrology, etc., one might believe that he belongs to a master race and must get rid of all inferior humans.

I really find it hard to believe that our Supreme Court would condone any kind of inhumane cruelty, either to humans or animals, in the name of religion.

Rona L. Hankin


No more hate

Memorial Day at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington: Horror . . .

I watched the program and was utterly devastated at the hate demonstrated toward the president of our country by the Vietnam veterans when he appeared and spoke at the ceremony.

I understand the veterans were not permitted to be too close to the ceremony. Perhaps there was a fear that the president might be assassinated. From the attitude of the veterans I would be fearful of my life if I were Bill Clinton. They had it all set up, turning their backs, etc.

What is this? Many young men did not approve of the Vietnam War; many went to Canada. Many found a way not to serve, many demonstrated against our involvement, burned their draft cards, etc.

The president stated his distaste for this war; we should not have had any young man in Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson hated it and would not serve another term because of it. Generals lied about the number of casualties. The war was a disaster to us; who got us into it? It was a big mistake.

This man was elected president of the United States in spite of his aversion to the war; please give him a chance to become the president he wants to be.

He has a very difficult position; we are "going down the tube" slowly but surely, due to mistakes of past presidents.

One veteran wants a personal apology to him by the president; who in the world is he to be deserving of an apology?

The president needs to have a "thick skin" to take all this stuff. I hope he survives the veterans' hate demonstrated at the ceremony and leads America back to what it should be.

The media are not blameless; they seem to focus on disturbing opinions with their interviews. Let's not have another of these exhibitions of hate -- I'm ashamed of these men in our country who act this way.

Live and let live is my motto, and keep your mouth shut about the other person. Unless, of course, the words are encouraging. We need those.

Jane Kirschner


Blues revisited

After narrowly surviving our second Blue Cross and Blue Shield crisis, we can only hope the new health care and cost commission and the new insurance commissioner have learned from the blunders and mismanagement of the past, which appear to have been politically created.

In one year, to go from near insolvency and a loss of over 6 percent of its enrollment, to an over $40 million profit, the best year since 1984, seems to indicate some creative bookkeeping . . .

The only good to come out of the entire fiasco was the award given to a politically connected public relations firm, even though it used two misleading ads in its presentation.

The whole episode could have been avoided if prior political appointees had honored their civic trust and performed their duty.

`Forrest F. Gesswein Jr.


Drunk-driving victims have no rights

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