'Fox 45 News' captures top honors

June 22, 1993|By Steve McKerrow | Steve McKerrow,Staff Writer

Baltimore's newest television news operation, "Fox 45 News at Ten," has won the Capital Region Emmy Award as best news program in the Baltimore, Washington, Richmond and Norfolk markets.

The weekend award from the Washington chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences topped a total of 11 regional Emmys won by the 2-year-old news operation at WBFF (Channel 45). The station's awards exceeded the total number of Emmys given to all other Baltimore stations combined.

"I think it gives us the recognition that we've been working for. Being two years out of the blocks is not an easy row to hoe," said Steve Marks, general manager of WBFF.

Referring to current ratings promotions in which other local stations (WMAR, Channel 2, and Channel 13) are claiming to be the most-watched newscasts, Mr. Marks said, "We're not fortunate enough to get into the numbers game with them, and we air at a different time [10 p.m.]. But nobody else can say they have the best newscast."

"Fox 45 News at Ten" also recently was named Outstanding News Operation in the regional Associated Press Awards, and won seven other awards in 11 categories.

Here are some of the Emmys won by regional TV stations:

* WBFF (Channel 45):

Newscast -- Scott Brady and Joe DeFeo, producers.

Documentary -- "Finding the Lost Generation," Deborah Weiner, reporter; Mark Pimentel and Mark Hadler, producers.

News Segment: Hard News -- "Russian Relief," Bruce Leshan, reporter; Brian Fuss, producer.

Spot News -- "Officer Shot at Housing Complex," Bruce Leshan, reporter; Brian Fuss producer.

News Series -- "Justice on Trial: The Lost Generation" (Parts 4-7), Deborah Weiner, reporter; Mark Pimentel and Mark Hadler, producers.

Investigative Reports -- "Justice on Trial: The Lost Generation" (Parts 1-3), Deborah Weiner, reporter.

Extended News Coverage -- "Officer Young Shot," Scott Brady and Jo DeFeo, producers.

Audio: Engineering -- Mark Hadler.

Cinematography/Videography: News Series, Features -- "The Dead River," Mark Hadler.

Editing: News Series, Features -- "Justice on Trial" The Lost Generation" (Parts 4-7), Mark Hadler.

Editor: Documentary, Magazine, Entertainment -- "Finding the Lost Generation," Mark Hadler.

* WJZ (Channel 13):

Sports Programming: Sportscast -- John Buren, reporter/producer.

News Segments: Features -- "Picture This -- Miracle Baby," Al Sanders reporter; Crystal Johns and Richard Sayers, producers.

Investigative Reports -- "No Way Out," Dick Gelfman, reporter.

* WMAR (Channel 2):

Program Segments: Children's -- "Tennis Girls," Rick White, producer.

News Segments: Features -- "Maurice Royster: Saga of a Tortured Child," Kim Skeen, reporter.

* WBAL (Channel 11):

Cinematography/Videography, News Series, Features -- "Sorrow in Somalia," Steven Jones.

* Maryland Public Television:

Sports Programming: Specials -- "Olympic Whitewater," Charles Bokor, producer.

* WJLA (Channel 7):

Public Affairs Segment: "Working Woman: White House Photographer - Susan Biddle," Jennifer Donaldson, producer.

Informational Segment: "Teens at Risk: Back to School," Brad Bell, reporter.

Investigative Reports: "Lynching the Truth: Government Lies About Suicide," Del Walters, reporter/producer; Steven Goldstein, producer, Roger Hommel, producer; "Politics: Scholarship and Scandal," Laure Quinlivan, reporter/producer, Steven Goldstein, producer; "The New Slavery," Del Walters, reporter/producer, Steven Goldstein, producer, Roger Hommel, producer.

Host, Interviewer, Moderator: "Working Woman Composite," Kathleen Matthews.

Writing, News: "Operation Guinea Pig: The Cold War to Desert Storm," Del Waters and Steven Goldstein.

* WTTG (Channel 5):

Features Segment: "Dooey Debate," Steve Dooey, reporter/producer; "A Look Back," Steve Dooey, reporter/producer.

Cinematography/Videography Spot News: "Puddle Jumpers," Doug Wilkes.

Cinematography/Videography News Series, News Features: Composite, Jim Forner.

Cinematography/Videography Sports: "Climbing Carderock," Jim Forner.

News Anchor: Anchor composite, Morris Jones.

* WRC (Channel 4):

Sports Programming: "Hometown Olympians," Wallace Bruckner, reporter/producer; Brian Young, producer.

Hard News Segment: "Mount Pleasant Drinking," Lynda Lopez, reporter; Richard McGhee, producer.

Spot News: "I-270," I.J. Hudson, reporter; Joe Krebs, reporter; Margie Ruttenberg, producer.

News Series: "Hardly Working," Pat Collins, reporter/producer.

News Anchor: Susan Kidd

Sports Anchor: George Michael.

Weathercasting: "Big Nor'easter," John Bernier.

* WUSA (Channel 9):

Sports Programming: "Courtside with James Brown: UCLA Profile," Tamara Lanham, producer.

Hard News Segment: "Regina Dent," Joan Gartlan, reporter.

Cinematography/Videography Documentaries, Magazines, Entertainment: Composite, Tim DeLuca; "Eastern Exposure: A Chesapeake Story," Ron Ling; "Middleburg: Horses, Heritage and History," Ron Ling.

Host, Interviewer, Moderator: "Eastern Exposure: A Chesapeake Story," John O. Goldsmith.

* WHMM (Channel 32):

The Glenn Brenner Award: Kojo Nnamdi.

* Independent Local Production:

Information Oriented Programs -- "If You Are Pregnant," Jamie Roberts, producer (originally aired on WJZ, Channel 13).

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