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June 21, 1993

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I am annoyed and outraged by Garland L. Crosby's June 8 letter.

He tries to dismiss as "foolishness" the efforts of his Afro-American colleague's outspokenness against the inequities that do exist and that Afro-American students do encounter at institutions such as Johns Hopkins.

Every group in this country from pacifist to racist utilizes its right under the First Amendment to exercise freedom of speech. However, Afro-Americans cannot exercise that right without being labeled as foolish or as causing confusion, as Mr. Crosby so distastefully concluded.

It is not a question of what institution (be it predominantly black or white) Henry Boateng chose to enroll at. It is a question of equal and fair treatment of all American citizens, Mr. Crosby included.

His letter served no real or edifying purpose.

It was condescending and unwarranted, serving only to target and point out his own confusion on the issue of race relations . . .

LaShon Sturdivant


Clinton's Turn

Your editorial of June 5 concerning President Clinton's withdrawal of Lani Guinier's nomination is far from convincing.

It confuses ideas, which are far from new, written in an academic context, with her competence and willingness to work within the administration. There is no evidence that she would have failed to do so.

What has become quite plain is that the president has turned his back on the progressives in the Democratic Party and is willing to allow the big money interests to fit him into a "center." And that center in its essence is the status quo.

Are we getting a Republicanized Democratic Party? Where are the concerns for a more humane society? His health plan will fail that test.

I am very sorry that our hopes are deferred and that the candidate we supported lacks the courage to undertake the arduous task of implementing more humane policies.

Sherman Roddy


Fear of Reform

As independent community pharmacists wait with baited breath for Hillary Rodham Clinton to reveal her health care reform program, my fear and frustration level rises.

I begin to wonder if Mrs. Clinton can truly understand that drug manufacturers with their discriminatory pricing are the real culprits for the ever-rising drug prices that affect the community pharmacist and elderly patients alike.

I am not convinced mail order or health maintenance organizations are the managed-care saviors that they are made out to be. There are chinks in their armor.

Could Medco Containment Services, a mail order prescription company, have paid its chief executive officer $33 million in 1992 if it didn't enjoy the benefits of favorable pricing from drug manufacturers? Would some HMOs remain popular on Wall Street?

Community pharmacies have organized buying groups in an effort to purchase drugs more efficiently like mail order and health maintenance organization competitors, but the drug manufacturers do not cooperate.

If you back out the profits managed-care companies make on rebates from drug manufacturers, would their returns become just average -- even ordinary?

I believe it is essential that the Health Care Advisory Board recommend a single price policy for all pharmacies and cut through the "smoke and mirrors" routine presented by those who say they can manage care better that the independent community pharmacist.

Allow us to be what our patients already know -- the most valuable resource of pharmaceutical information their communities have.

Independent community pharmacies are not the problem but part of the solution.

William T. Popomaronis, P.D.


Berger's Style

Regarding Baltimore County School Superintendent Stuart Berger's letter of May 27, he "should be wise enough not to seek more controversy." But he is not. And that is our problem.

Dr. Berger's mean-spirited attack on Peter Jay is an embarrassment to education and to us all.

Resorting to pedantry, the superintendent demonstrates his attitude toward students, teachers, parents, administrators and others who might dare to express a differing opinion.

Successful educators must involve all of these clients in the learning process or be doomed to failure.

Marshall McLuhan said it most eloquently years ago: "The medium is the message." Or consider another bromide: "Actions speak louder than words."

I look forward to a major attitude change in Superintendent Berger's style.

Karl Pfrommer

Rodgers Forge

Maryland's Health Care Act: Rx for Reform

On behalf of the Maryland Health Care For All Coalition, I would like to respond to the Opinion * Commentary article by Thomas DiLorenzo which was published May 23 in The Sun entitled, "Managed Disaster."

The column took issue with the recent state health care reform initiative passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

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