Fallston school opening is set for Aug. 30

June 20, 1993|By Sherrie Ruhl

... 1/8 TC Fallston Middle School, delayed partly because of a dispute over a 3-square-foot patch of land, is to open by the start of the school season Aug. 30.

However, parts of the school, including its two gyms, will remain incomplete.

Harford school officials expected Fallston Middle to be completed by July 15, but bad winter weather and the dispute over the tiny piece of land, initially deemed environmentally sensitive wetlands, delayed the project, said Joe Licata, supervisor of construction for the school system.

The school had put out bids in December 1991 and prepared to build in early 1992, but construction could not begin until around June 1992.

State officials had ruled that the school system would have to build two smaller parking lots instead of two smaller parking lots instead of one large one, as planned, to avoid damaging wetlands. But the school system challenged that ruling, which ,, the state then rescinded, concluding that the patch was not wetlands.

The state's reversal allowed the school system to go ahead with its original plan to build one large parking lot, but the school system had to resubmit its plans.

Keech said that opening schools before their completion is not unusual.

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