Memories pile up during graduation

June 20, 1993|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,Contributing Writer

Amid smiles, tears, cheers and applause, the Westminster High Class of 1993 graduated Friday night at The Gill Learning Center at Western Maryland College.

The largest of the county's five public high schools handed out diplomas to 509 seniors as proud faculty, parents, other relatives and friends looked on.

"The word your generation uses with such abandon to describe this -- 'awesome' -- that's what this is," class adviser Janet Kelly told the graduates during the convocation.

Three seniors offered reminiscences.

Sara Bloom, president of the National Honor Society, told the story of the young children growing up in a fairy tale world, seeing their parents as kings and queens. But the children's outlook changes as they grow older, and midway through, the parents become monsters.

Later, those same parents turn into counselors and wizards to the children who left the fairy tale world for the real world.

Then Jennifer Minchik, Student Senate president, offered a tribute to teachers. Like the parents in Sara Bloom's story, the teachers Jennifer Minchik described changed over the years. "The teachers became our mentors, friends, coaches, enemies, even sometimes parental figures," she said.

Jonathan Leiberman, class president, said, "We stand on a beautiful, peaceful night surrounded by our loved ones. What started as a large diverse group has emerged as a community that has grown into a sense of harmony and caring for each other."

Principal Sherri-Le Bream paid her own tribute to the students' hard work by offering some figures on their achievements:

* 117 students received academic honors, including various scholarships and the Presidential Academic Fitness Award. Nine students earned all A's the entire four years of high school.

* 52 percent of the graduates plan to attend college full-time and 7 percent, part time; 6 percent will go on to a trade or technical school; 4 percent will go in the Armed Forces and two students have appointments to the Naval Academy; and 31 percent plan to enter the work force.

* Westminster graduates received more than $2,224,000 in scholarships and other awards.

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