Festival offers music for everyone Neighbors follow sounds to concert

June 20, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

On a lark, Elton and Lottie Herbert of Sykesville abandoned their yard work yesterday afternoon to follow the strains of country and pop music coming from a few blocks away at Millard Cooper Park.

"I was cutting the lawn and I could hear the music, and I said, 'Let's go,' " Mr. Herbert said.

So the senior citizens reached for their folding lawn chairs and arrived at the second annual Sykesville Music Festival just in time to see an imitator of "Barney," the public TV character, captivating the preschool crowd in a magenta-and-yellow dinosaur suit.

After Barney finished hugging all the toddlers and preschoolers and left the park, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert lingered before returning home to their yard work.

"We're coming back at 8:30," he said, to catch Caballero. The group was to play "hot country music" last night, the festival program said.

"I like the beat, and it don't hurt your ears like some [music] does," Mr. Herbert said.

By early evening, festival organizers weren't sure whether they would meet last year's estimated crowd of 2,000.

"Barney drew a very big crowd," said Janet Sullivan, secretary for the Sykesville Parks and Recreation Department, which sponsors the festival. About 100 children and adults saw the dinosaur of the public television show.

Under the Barney suit was Teri Reyes, one of the fair organizers. She guessed that temperatures soaring into the mid-90s may have kept some people away.

Ms. Sullivan expected more people to show up for the evening acts, which ranged from progressive rock to oldies and country. All the groups performed free.

Other bands scheduled included duo Vicki Kelley and Kim Reynolds, who also accompanied Barney; Young Guns; Yvonne Bishop and Feminine Gender; Bad Habit; The Wanting Seed; Silver Run; and Dan McDougall.

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