Cutting Time To Lure RidersThe Sun's May 20 editorial...


June 20, 1993

Cutting Time To Lure Riders

The Sun's May 20 editorial regarding the Maryland Department of Transportation's new bus pre-emption system shows a failure to completely understand the system's purpose.

The joint Mass Transit/State Highway Administration project is designed to ease congestion on Route 2 in Anne Arundel County and save time for the MTA's 210 Express bus trip between Annapolis and Baltimore. The project is completely federally funded by the Department of Transportation. . . .

Many people prefer to drive because it's quicker and more direct. If they know the bus would get them there faster, surely many of these drivers would become riders. Giving MTA buses (( priority at traffic signals on Route 2 is expected to shave approximately 10 minutes off of the 52-minute trip from Annapolis to Baltimore, saving time for hundreds of commuters a day. If the 30- to 60-day test project produces successful results, the system may be extended to other congested corridors. . . . The Department of Transportation is confident that reduced total trip times for MTA buses will result in increased transit ridership, which means more cars off the road, a cleaner environment and reduced operating costs.

John A. Agro Jr.


The writer is administrator of the Mass Transit Administration.

Board Manners

Miss Manners, I am not! However, as a child I was always taught to never talk, whisper, mumble or interrupt when someone else is speaking. Evidently, school board member Dorothy Chaney does not take this piece of motherly advice very seriously as she has been observed, by the undersigned at several school board meetings, to be talking when someone else has the floor. Ms. Chaney finally got her comeuppance! And, what was even funnier was that Maureen Carr-York didn't miss a beat but continued on with her sentence. Lose control? Not on your life! Ms. Carr-York is one of the most controlled persons I know. . . .

This county is extremely lucky to have her using her many talents and abilities for the sake of our children and young adults. I am very, very delighted that she is on the school board and hope she will continue to speak up and speak out when necessary.

Violet B. Cosgrove

Glen Burnie

Unitarian Church

As a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, I would like to thank Angela Winter Ney for the articles she wrote about our church and the "UU Revue" musical staged several weeks ago. Nobody knows better than we do how difficult it is to fairly and accurately represent the beliefs and ideals of such a diverse religious community, and we think Ms. Ney did an excellent job. . . .

Pat von Schwerdtner


Price Affair

I write regarding the column by Elise Armacost (May 23), who takes it upon herself to impugn the integrity and character of every male teacher at Anne Arundel County's Northeast High School.

Following the widely publicized case of Ron Price, Ms. Armacost says, "everyone" was expecting another case of sexual abuse to surface or the school. It came as no surprise, she says, when another teacher was accused of sexual misconduct. The only surprise was that it was a woman teacher. . . .

On what basis does Ms. Armacost put in question the character of every man who teaches at Northeast High School? And for what purpose does Ms. Armacost juxtapose the case of Laurie Cook with that of Ron Price?

Laurie Cook asserts she is innocent of the charges against her, and I, for one, believe her. She does not deserve to have her name bandied about in a sleazy, sensational atmosphere that typifies "Geraldo!" . . .

For teachers to be effective in helping our students to learn and to grow, we need your support. We can do without . . . scatter-shot attacks on our character.

Tom Paolino


The writer is president of the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County.


I am writing to express my satisfaction and pleasure upon discovering the Volunteer Spotlight column in your newspaper. All too often it is only the tragic, sensational or otherwise depressing events that warrant newspaper attention. I thank you for devoting valuable space to "spotlight" volunteers and to inform the community of institutions that have need of assistance.

Rick Horne

Glen Burnie

Light Rail

$8,804 per round trip customer on the Light Rail: That's the amount of the taxpayer subsidy, according to the Mass Transit Administration.

That has to bring a smile to the face of some of us. Three years ago, the incumbent office holders had an unbeatable campaign issue. They were against the D.C. Eastern By-Pass. They promised to take the money saved on that and put it into Light Rail. This made them instant environmentalists.

I was also against the Eastern By-Pass, but I had a better idea, though not so exotic, about what to do with the savings: i.e., reduce taxes. . . .

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