From The Sun June 20-June 26, 1843June 21: The Most Rev...


June 20, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun June 20-June 26, 1843

June 21: The Most Rev. Archbishop Eccleston administered the sacrament of confirmation to five hundred and nine persons last Sunday in the Cathedral of this city.

June 24: The President and suite left this city yesterday morning at nine o'clock and arrived in Washington City at eleven.

June 26: William Austin, a character pretty well known to citizens of Baltimore, was arrested on Friday afternoon last, on a bench warrant charging him with petty theft.

From The Sun June 20-June 26, 1893

June 20: The Lutherville Outdoor Club has secured grounds and will get them in condition for base-ball and tennis.

June 22: Experiments are being made in the pathological laboratory of the Johns Hopkins Hospital with rattlesnake poison. The rattler is good sized and kept in a wire-covered box together with several smaller snakes.

From The Sun June 20-June 26, 1943

June 20: Today, with the crack of dawn, or, anyhow, not much later, the sledge hammers will ring and the wagons will roll while the elephants strain to pull king poles erect and hoist the canvas of the "big top" on Monument Street near Highland Avenue.

June 23: One of the few remaining links between the modern sports world and the leisurely era which prevailed before World War 1 was severed yesterday with the death of Lefty Shields, 67, who was a sports fixture to members of an older generation. Lefty gained most of his fame as the leather-lunged announcer of baseball games at Oriole Park.

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