Picture Yourself A Winner Sun Magazine Photo Contest

June 20, 1993

Ready, set, shoot! It is time once again for Sun Magazine's annual photo contest. This year we're trying something different: contest categories. It may seem cruel, but we're trying to cut down on the huge amount of images of cute kids, cuddly pets and vacation scenery that we receive. So, we're asking only for color or black-and-white photographs of landscapes, portraits and action scenes. Strive for artistic merit rather than sentimental value.

One color and one black-and-white winner will be chosen in each of the three categories. We will also choose one child's winner from among all the entries sent by persons age 16 and under. Photographs will be accepted through Friday, July 30. The winners will receive $250 each; one also will be awarded a grand prize of $1,000. Winning photos will be forwarded to the Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards (KINSA) to compete for cash prizes totaling $52,500, including a grand prize of $10,000. See the contest rules below. Good luck!

The rules

1. Only amateur photographers are eligible. Anyone who derives less than 5 percent of his or her income from photography is considered an amateur. Anyone is eligible except employees of the Times Mirror Co. and their families, and employees of Eastman Kodak Co. and their families.

2. No rules or information about the contest will be given over the phone. The winners will be announced in October.

3. Black-and-white or color pictures taken after Jan. 1, 1991, are eligible. Pictures previously published or entered in any KINSA or other competition are not eligible. The contest ends at 5 p.m. July 30, 1993. All entries should be mailed to Sun Magazine Photo Contest, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 21278.

4. Snapshots may be taken with any make of camera. Winners of the Sun Magazine's contest will be chosen without regard to brand of film used, but only those pictures on Kodak film will be eligible for entry in the Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards. No artwork or retouching is permitted on negatives or prints; no composite pictures or multiple printing is allowed. Cropping of pictures is permissible, however. Entries will be judged on snapshot quality and appeal. Technical quality, while important, will not be the deciding factor.

5. A total of eight pictures may be entered by each contestant. Contestant's name, address, daytime phone number, Social Security number and age (if 16 and under) must be written clearly, in ink, on the back of each print or on each transparency mount. Color or black-and-white prints may not be larger than 8 by 12 inches. They should not be mounted. Color entries may be submitted as prints or transparencies.

6. No pictures will be returned. Winners must be able to furnish the original negative or transparency if requested by the contest editor. The Sun Magazine assumes no responsibility for negatives or prints.

7. Contestants may submit pictures to only one newspaper participating in the Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards.

8. A winning entrant must sign a statement on request that the picture, or one closely similar to the same subject or situation, has not previously won awards in any major contests, is not now entered in another contest, has not been nor will be entered in another photo contest, and has not been published in any copyrighted publication. The winning entrants must also assign all right to the picture to Kodak for at least five years.

9. Important: Be sure you know the names and addresses of any recognizable person in your picture. Upon request, you must be able to obtain the written consent of such person or persons to permit use of the picture for purpose of illustration, advertising or publication in any manner.

10. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners.

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