I'm not making this stuff up.During the call for entries...


June 20, 1993|By Michael Davis

I'm not making this stuff up.

During the call for entries for last year's Sun Magazine photo contest, somebody sent us a photograph of a Caesarean procedure, and, oh baby, did we get nauseated.

So, my first suggestion to those who are considering sending entries this year is this: Go easy on the obstetrics.

Suggestion No. 2: Be sure photographs have some redeeming artistic merit. Our categories this year include landscapes, portraits and action shots. Notice the list does not include Fluffiest Kitty on the Couch or My Boyfriend and His Camaro. We received 50,000 of those last year, and they were all dispatched to the Land of the Lost Socks.

Suggestion No. 3: Think about what won last year, and what usually wins in similar contests. Photos that contain imaginative and artful use of color and composition. Photos that evoke a time and a place. Photos that speak about the human condition. Photos that have universal appeal and arouse our senses.

Suggestion No. 4: Send in a picture of junior in the bath, and be sure to include a cigar box full of twenties for the judges. No, on second thought, even with a six-figure bribe we won't consider a baby-in-the-tubby picture. Stifle the impulse.

Suggestion No. 5: Before sending in photos of the wife giving birth, check with her first. Last year, we were tempted to run that Caesarean shot, just to see what the murder weapon of choice would have been.

I can see the headline now. . . .




Suggestion No. 6: You'll find the official rules for our photography contest on Page 17.

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