Balkan Update

June 19, 1993

Despite a cease-fire, fighting continued throughout Bosnia. But in GORAZDE, the last independent Muslim pockett of eastern Bosnia, an amateur radio operator said Serbian shelling that has killed hundreds of inhabitants and refugees had ceased since the arrival Wednesday of United Nations military observers.

An advance team of U.S. military officers arrived in SKOPJE, Macedonia, to prepare for deployment of the first U.S. ground troops in the former Yugoslavia. The 300 U.S. soldiers will join 700 U.N. peacekeepers stationed in the north of the republic.

The UNITED NATIONS Security Council gave final approval to sending 7,600 peacekeepers to six Bosnian cities that are to be "safe areas" for the country's besieged Muslims. But the deployment is likely to be weeks, if not months, away.

Jailed Serbian opoposition leader Vuk Draskovic has sustained life-threatening injuries at the hands of Belgrade police and must be hospitalized if he is to live, supporters said, quoting a 10- member team, prpfessors from the Belgrade University Medical College who examined Mr. Draskovic and his wife, Danica, this week.

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