Around the house* Poke the Popsicle stick through the...


June 19, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Poke the Popsicle stick through the center of a coffee filter. This will prevent drips on floors and children's clothes.

* Use strips of wet newspaper, instead of masking tape, on window glass when painting window frames. This will prevent painting the windows; once dry, paper is removed easily.

* Avoid tears when chopping onions. Refrigerate onions for about a half hour. Before chopping, cut off top and peel the skin, leaving the root intact.

* Eliminate mildew odors. Take damp or wet items outside to air dry. Place trays of baking soda or cat litter around room to absorb smells. Spray room with a disinfectant.

* Reduce spills on kitchen floor caused by pets tipping their food and water dishes. Place carpet tiles under the bowls to absorb spills and to prevent dishes from sliding. Stains can be removed by sponging.

In the garden

* During dry weather, saturate lawn with 1 inch of water about twice a week, allowing it to dry out in between. Watering should be done in the morning before the sun hardens the soil. Evening watering encourages disease.

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