Even Michael's restaurant wins raves NBA Finals notebook

June 18, 1993|By Alan Goldstein | Alan Goldstein,Staff Writer

CHICAGO -- Just about everything Michael Jordan touches, save for a golf club, turns to gold.

Take the restaurant he opened in downtown Chicago five weeks ago. Three-hour waits for a table are common. And calling for a reservation is impossible. The local telephone company recorded busy signals one day last week.

The restaurant features a $350,000 state-of-the art TV screen, the better to watch Michael and the Bulls perform. The entrance is adorned with a 30-by-30-foot poster of Jordan flying to the hoop.

Oh yes, the food.

"It's real good," said noted gourmet Charles Barkley.

Blowing the whistle

Sports anchor Mark Giangreco of WMAQ-TV in Chicago was pressured by NBA officials to apologize on the air Wednesday night for suggesting the officiating crew was responsible for the Bulls' triple-overtime loss to the Suns here Sunday night.

After Game 3, Giangreco said, "I'll give Phoenix credit, but you think the fix is in sometimes."

"I was being sarcastic, and the NBA got all bent out of shape," Giangreco said.

"Maybe my tongue wasn't in my cheek firm enough, so I decided to give a clarification."

Spent Bullet?

Washington Bullets shooting guard Rex Chapman, accompanied by his agent, David Falk, was in attendance at Game 4.

Chapman suggested he might be an ex-Bullet after the NBA draft (June 30), when the team is expected to select Nevada-Las Vegas guard J. R. Rider.

Chapman lost his starting job to LaBradford Smith last season, but his $2 million-plus salary will make it difficult to move him.

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