Forest Ridge pupils' creations brighten Savage Library walls 7/8 NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE



The Forest Ridge Elementary art classes once again offered their artistic talents and their prized works to the Savage Library.

Third-graders Jonathan Cornett, Ronny Landin, Elizabeth Rumsey, Andrew Miller and Kyle Thiell all made collages of nature scenes. So did Christine Tran, Danny Gill, Emily Chiarizia and Amelia Walker.

The fourth-grade artists contributed monochromatic tempera portraits. Check out blue tempera work by Megan Reynolds, Jane Park and Scott Wallace. Compare the red portraits by Kathryn Green and Dana Kistler.

Matthew Barresi opted for green, while Marie Miller contributed a work in markers.

The fifth-grade is ably represented by the wax resist works of Toni Morris and Anna Campos. Lakesha Wran also worked in tempera. Her brilliant yellows blaze against the black background.

Thank you for brightening the walls.


The Howard County library recently finished training about 20 literacy tutors. These men and women have volunteered to help improve the reading and math skills of county adults who could use a little help.

The volunteers and staffers help students learn to read and to improve their math skills. But the literacy project offers more.

According to Al McLaine of the Project Literacy staff, a good percentage of the students speak English as a second language. The tutors help them speak and read better English. The volunteer and professional staffs also help students prepare for the two types of high school equivalency degrees: the General Education Degree and the External High School Program.

Mr. McLaine says the External High School Program is not as well known as the GED but is more appropriate for many adults. The EHSP gives students credit for demonstrating competence in life skills, such as successfully managing credit.

The EHSC is more suited to adults who have been out of school for several years. If you know anyone who might like to use this ZTC service, tell them about it. The library will make almost any arrangements to match up a tutor, student, time and place. The service is free. The results last a lifetime.

Call Project Literacy at (410) 313-7900, or any of the county library branches.


Bethel Christian Academy's semester ended recently. Congratulations to eighth-graders Jennifer A. Burns, Jon Michael Erikson, Jamaria Fernandez, Justin Ho, Richard Lambiasi, Alonzo LeDeux, Sayedah Jean Mahon, Landyn Minter and Matthew Romoser.

These graduates will scatter now, on to different high schools, as Bethel Christian Academy is an elementary and middle school. Congratulations to all. You will be missed.

Bethel Christian also handed out academic awards to members of all the grades last week. Justin Ho, Gwyneth Whieldon and Sara Coon won awards for social sciences. Landyn Minter, Devon Anguti and Richard Lambiasi won prizes for their short stories. Jaron Rice and Landyn Minter, Gwyneth Whieldon, Jay Rushing and Alonzo LeDeux, Mark Rushing and Michael Erikson won first, second and third poetry prizes.

Matthew Rosomer, Landyn Minter, Michael Erikson and Richard Lambiasi won essay prizes. Michael Erikson, Landyn Minter and Jaron Rice were honored for their research papers. There were many awards presented by the art department. Among those honored were Nicholas Hess, Melissa Harris and Jonathan DeBaldo, all first-graders.

The second grade was represented by Jared Shorter, Amie Coleman, Drew Myers, Kourtney Bennett and Jason Bromley.

Third-graders Anita Peggins, Nekita Woodson and Tabatha Schrader were also honored.

In the fourth grade, Melissa Johnson, Gwen Stokes, Evelyn Lopez, Cori Samuels, Corey Bader and Christina Harrison were honored.

Fifth- through eighth-graders Cristen Hobbs, Justin Ho, Ty-Reem Holmes, Jaron Rice, Nicole McKinney, Sara Coon and Ranita Knight also were awarded art prizes.

Congratulations to everyone on a fine year's work.

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