June 18, 1993|By George Neff Lucas

The one thing you don't want to be

Is Bill Clinton's first nominee;

Whom you hired, what you wrote

+ Will get somebody's goat --

You'll wish you'd said, 'Don't look

at me!'

For certain, no area vexes

The Democrats now more than Texas;

A new Senate pair,

' Perot and Bush there --

Too bad the state still isn't Mex's.

The health plan devised by his mate

Bill tells us again will be late;

With M.D. on the door,

) What a waiting room's for

Is to wait and to wait and to wait.

The Pentagon pack-rats don't know

How many wars' worth of ammo

And other stored stuff

$ Is more than enough;

The one thing they don't save

is dough.

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