Officer faced with second allegation he used brutality during an arrest

June 18, 1993|By Sheridan Lyons | Sheridan Lyons,Staff Writer

A Baltimore County officer named in a civil lawsuit by a woman who claims that he threw her to the ground during an arrest last July is being investigated by county police as the result of another, similar complaint.

Yesterday, Ara Alexander Konialian, 29, of Baldwin displayed deep bruises on his left leg that he said were inflicted last month by Officer Roger B. Clise. Mr. Konialian, who owns a commercial computer, telephone and security systems business, has filed a brutality complaint against Officer Clise.

Officer Clise, who works in the Wilkens precinct, could not be reached for comment on this allegation or the one mentioned in the civil suit.

Police spokesmen said yesterday that they had planned to look into allegations contained in the civil suit, filed last week by Julia Lynn Knight, but the incident occurred beyond the 90-day time limit for brutality complaints. They confirmed that Mr. Konialian's allegations are under investigation, but they would not comment further.

Mr. Konialian said he decided to spend the night of May 25 at a friend's house. He said he was not drunk, but he'd had several beers and had learned his lesson after a drunken-driving conviction. About 1:30 a.m., he went with friends to secure his truck at an automobile repair shop on Edmondson Avenue in Catonsville. The shop is owned by his friends' father.

Three police cars arrived on the scene and the officers told them to get their hands up, he said. The incident appeared to end when he and his two friends produced satisfactory identification.

But he was told he would be mailed a District Court summons charging him with possessing a concealed deadly weapon: his 1 1/2 -inch belt buckle knife. One of his friends was cited for owning brass knuckles.

Mr. Konialian said he called it "absurd" that a tiny belt knife was illegal, but not his larger pocket knife. He said the officer then threw him against his truck and handcuffed him.

"I said, 'Officer, you've got to be careful. I'm handicapped. You can't move me around like that.' He said, 'Everybody's got a problem,' and started kicking me in my left leg," he said.

Mr. Konialian said the leg was rebuilt from the hip to the calf after an accident 13 years ago.

Mr. Konialian also claimed that Officer Clise grabbed him and threw him face down on the ground, knelt down on him, cursed him and told him he was going to jail.

He was held at the precinct until about 3:30 a.m. and later went to the hospital for injuries to his left leg, he said.

A police report of the incident, written by another officer, said Mr. Konialian fell and had only minimal physical contact with Officer Clise. The officer wrote that he was on routine patrol when he saw three men at the car repair lot.

The officer also wrote that "Mr. Konialian became very confrontational and argumentative," and that alcohol could be smelled. According to the report, Officer Clise was trying to get ,, Mr. Konialian to spread his legs when Mr. Konialian fell against the truck. The report said Officer Clise helped Mr. Konialian to the ground and completed the pat-down,

Mr. Konialian said that after he went back to the precinct to file his brutality complaint, police added charges of assault and disorderly conduct. Mr. Konialian said he will fight the criminal charges at a trial scheduled for Oct. 25, and in a civil action.

"I strongly feel as though a man of this caliber does not belong on the force," he said. "One day Officer Clise may lose his temper and kill someone."

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